This Christmas will be unforgettable. It’s a good time to travel and enjoy with the family and the best way to achieve this is by spending a different kind of holiday at Hotel Jardín Tecina.

What is Christmas like in the Canary Islands?

Sun, relaxing, nature, gastronomy, sustainability, ... There are many things awaiting you this Christmas in La Gomera, so here is a preview of everything you are going to find.

  • Good weather. One of the things that most attracts visitors is the weather during the Christmas season in the Canary Islands. The sun is one of the key players on our islands throughout the whole year. Specifically, La Gomera is characterised by living in an eternal spring with mild temperatures that average around 22 degrees Celsius throughout the year. This is due to our subtropical climate and the presence of trade winds.
  • Good gastronomy, with traditional dishes that are part of the identity of the people of the Canary Islands. At Hotel Jardín Tecina we want you to discover it by savouring it. At our restaurants you will be able to taste typical Canary Islands dishes such as almogrote, guarapo or gofio, in addition to 100% organic products that go from our garden at our Eco Finca Tecina to your table. In addition, for the 25th we will add some special flavour to the evening with a buffet and Christmas menus.


Canary Islands Christmas sweets that you must try

And speaking of gastronomy, if you are going to spend Christmas in the Canary Islands you might have the opportunity to try some of the typical sweets of this time of the year such as the yellow sweet potato trout. Sweet pasties with an exquisite filling, usually sweet potato and almonds, although there are also varieties with Cabell d’àngel, or even cream or chocolate.

  • Magical nature. Undoubtedly the greatest attraction of our islands, and specifically of La Gomera, is its nature. Majestic rocks, thousands of trails, magical corners, enchanted forests and countless natural monuments that make us a magical island.

At Hotel Jardín Tecina we work every day to preserve all its natural splendour, in our commitment to sustainable tourism based on the use of renewable energy, the promotion of organic farming, waste management and energy saving.


Spending New Year's Eve in the Canary Islands

Can you imagine starting the new year in La Gomera? Stop imagining it and get ready to start 2022 on the right foot surrounded by sustainability, nature, sea views and genuine Canary Islands gastronomy. As a couple, with the family or with friends La Gomera and Hotel Jardín Tecina will be the perfect destination. During your stay you will be able to combine the excitement of a lovely holiday with many activities and the same safety feeling as being at home.

New Year's Eve in La Gomera

If you have decided to spend your New Year's Eve in La Gomera, at Hotel Jardín Tecina we have all the ingredients to make it unforgettable. The themed dinner preceded by a cocktail and appetisers, will be the prelude to the traditional grapes that will be accompanied by champagne, fireworks and good wishes for all. Depending on how you want to welcome the new year we have prepared several spaces with different atmospheres and types of music for all tastes.

A new story begins this New Year's Eve to the rhythm of Hotel Jardín Tecina.

We look forward to seeing you!