Hotel Jardín Tecina is strongly committed to tourism respectful of the ecosystem, with minimal impact on the environment and local culture. How do we do this?

La Gomera, distinguished as a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO in 2012, with the qualification of excellent, makes us pay special attention to taking care of the environment. Our commitment is based on sustainability, to which end we carry out several measures in the daily operation of our facilities:

  • Water. Water is the most precious commodity and good water consumption is one of the points on which many of our actions are focused. We have our own supply network and desalination plant and the water used is treated for irrigation of our gardens and golf course.
  • Renewable energy. Over 40% of the energy we use for consumption in the bedrooms and to heat the swimming-pool water comes from solar panels.
  • Renewal of equipment. The electrical equipment has been renewed to reduce electrical energy consumption, with more efficient devices such as an air conditioning cooling plant and a heat pump for the swimming pool.
  • Electric car charging point. To reduce the emission of polluting gases into the atmosphere, our facilities have installed a recharging area for electric cars.
  • Waste management. We are committed to recycling by selecting and separating our waste on a daily basis. The plant waste from the gardens and golf course is processed as fertiliser for our Eco Finca Tecina.
  • Sustainable development. We promote the culture and consumption of local products, with the consumption of 0 Km products and own products from our 100% organic corner, the Eco Finca Tecina (link).

Eco Finca Tecina is a unique and organic corner where everything is sustainable. It is a farm based on the principles of permaculture where each plant or animal fulfils its own function to achieve an entire balanced ecosystem. We grow our own vegetables and fruits to serve in our restaurants, thus offering the taste of La Gomera with the best our land has to offer. In addition, the guided visits to the Eco Finca allow our clients to discover our eco corner.

At Hotel Jardín Tecina we are committed to you and to the planet.