The time has come to start thinking about the destination for this year's holidays and, now more than ever, there will be many reasons that will make La Gomera the ideal place to plan your trip.

Nature, sustainability, safety, tranquillity, sun, laughter and relaxation are some of the attractions that make our island and the Hotel Jardín Tecina the best choice for your next relaxing holidays.


  • Nature and sustainability. Without a doubt, one of the great attractions of La Gomera is its nature. It has been declared a biosphere reserve, has 17 protected areas and has the Garajonay National Park as its greatest natural exponent, having been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. This nature not only characterises our island, but also our hotel. Surrounded by gardens overlooking the sea on a cliff, the Hotel Jardín Tecina is a unique enclave where to enjoy caring for the environment. More than 70,000 square meters of botanical garden where you can walk around discovering different plant species from all over the world, in addition to a 100% organic farm, designed following the principles of permaculture, where man, animals and plants live together in a respectful way, our Eco Finca Tecina. The Hotel Jardín Tecina is committed to making its clients’ holidays an unforgettable experience, without forgetting to comply with the most demanding environmental and quality principles, based on sustainability. There are many initiatives that we carry out in this regard, ranging from having our own water supply network and desalination plant, to measures to reduce water consumption, using renewable energy and LED technology in lighting, renovation of electrical appliances, and waste management.


  • Safety and regulations Given the current moment in time we are living in, La Gomera and the Hotel Jardín Tecina will bring that extra safety required to your holidays. Our island has always been characterised by the calmness it inspires in its visitors, placing it far from the mass tourism that other destinations are known for and that we strongly wish to avoid. The Hotel Jardín Tecina is prepared to guarantee its clients a safe stay, and to such end it has drawn up an action protocol to protect both visitors and employees.
  • Good weather. La Gomera’s eternal spring is known to all Despite some small differences between the north and south, our island enjoys a mild climate with an average annual temperature of approximately 23 degrees, making it the perfect destination for any time of year.


  • Gastronomy. Almogrote, ñame, gofio, sweets or palm honey are some of the typical products of La Gomera gastronomy that will make you discover the island’s true flavour.


  • Heritage and tradition. La Gomera is also culture, history and tradition. Our island stands out for its traditional architecture, its hermitages and a past full of history, as it was the last piece of land that Christopher Columbus set foot on before discovering America. It even has its own language, the La Gomera whistle, declared World Intangible Cultural Heritage.


All this and much more makes La Gomera the most desired destination for this holiday and, we will be looking forward to seeing you the Hotel Jardín Tecina.

Now is the time. Get a head start!