Oceans are one of the main sources of life on the planet, covering more than 70% of the Earth's surface, regulating the climate and home to millions of marine species.  Humans depend on this ecosystem to survive, but several factors may prevent you from doing so. In La Gomera there is a clear example, our Atlantic Ocean, a source of wealth for our island that we want to keep preserving. That is why today, World Oceans Day, we remember the reasons why we must protect our oceans.

  • Climate regulator. One of the duties of oceans is that they work as climate regulators by absorbing excess heat from the planet and regulating the effects of climate change by exchanging gases with the atmosphere. They also produce most of the oxygen we have.
  • Food source. Firstly, we should highlight one of the main functions of oceans. They are a source of biological food resources that sustain the lives of billions of people around the world.
  • Energy source. Oceans are also important as they are a source of energy, as they produce renewable energy due to the force of maritime movements and underwater currents.
  • Source of raw materials On the other hand, oceans are a source of raw materials, minerals and even precious metals that can be used for various industrial or commercial purposes.
  • Economic asset. On another level, oceans are also important from a social and economic point of view, as they bring wealth and development by supporting different economic activities around the world.

For all these reasons, protecting our oceans is a vital issue for all of us, and you can contribute towards this through different actions:

  • Reducing energy consumption. Awareness of energy use at home and at work reduces the impact of climate change on oceans. At the Hotel Jardin Tecina we have always been committed to using renewable energies and carrying out energy saving measures both in lighting, through LED lights, and by renovating electrical equipment which means greater energy efficiency.
  • Reducing the use of plastic. Millions of tons of plastic end up in the oceans every year and contribute to habitat destruction. The use of this material should be limited, for example, in the packaging we use. At the Hotel Jardín Tecina we promote the use of recyclable or reusable materials.
  • Looking after your environment. To take care of yourselves you must also take care of your surroundings. It is in your hands to do so and with small gestures such as cleaning the waste you generate during the day at any of our beaches you will be contributing to this.

In La Gomera we have the privilege of enjoying the immensity of the Atlantic ocean, a natural asset that, with everyone's help, we can continue to preserve.

At the Hotel Jardín Tecina we will continue working to achieve this and we also rely on your help so that everyone's efforts helps to preserve our oceans.

Happy World Oceans Day!