Taking care of the environment is everyone's business and all sectors must become aware of this. At the Jardín Tecina Hotel we work to achieve this every day by following a series of tips to raise awareness in both clients and staff. To this end, we have developed a series of initiatives through which we show our commitment to sustainability.

Do you want to help us achieve this? Here are 5 tips for preserving the environment and the initiatives we carry out at our hotel in this regard:

  1. Reducing excessive electricity consumption by making the most of sunlight. At the Jardín Tecina Hotel we take action to reduce electricity consumption and make the most of renewable energies. In this way, in our facilities most of the energy consumed comes from solar panels, which generate 45% of the energy we need to heat the swimming-pool water and the water consumed in bedrooms. In addition, electrical equipment has been replaced by more efficient ones, and the use of low energy bulbs and LED lighting is encouraged.
  2. Reduction of unnecessary water consumption. At our hotel we take some steps to control consumption. We have our own supply and desalination network; the toilets and baths have pressure limiters and the waste water is reused for watering the hotel gardens and the golf course after treatment.
  3. Avoiding gas emissions into the atmosphere. It is likely that on many occasions you will be able to avoid using the car, thus reducing the emission of polluting gases into the atmosphere. The use of electric cars can contribute to this cause and at the Jardín Tecina Hotel we have a charging area for this type of vehicle.
  4. Consuming antiseptic products. In order to preserve the environment, another piece of advice to follow is to replace cleaning and maintenance products for swimming pools with biological alternatives, an action that we are already carrying out at our hotel.
  5. Recycling waste. This is one of the easiest ways to combat global warming and the greenhouse effect. At the Jardín Tecina Hotel we take several steps in this regard, selecting and separating waste for subsequent recycling. In addition, the plant residues from the golf course or our gardens are processed as fertilisers for the Eco Finca Tecina.

It is time to take care of our surroundings and at the Jardín Tecina Hotel we do our bit. It's your turn!