One of the main charms of our island is the nature and magic of the forests of La Gomera, a must for all visitors. Our great natural treasure is the lush and deep green forests of laurel-like trees. The laurel forest, which was abundant millions of years ago, is now present only in a few places in the world, among which is La Gomera.

Laurel forest

The laurel forest is the name given to the humid forests, vestiges of subtropical forests that stretched throughout the Mediterranean during the Tertiary period, and which have prevailed on our island. Fog, humidity, and laurel would be the key terms that define this type of forest. The most characteristic species include the Laurel, the Indian bay, the Tilia (Lime tree) or the Barbusano (canary laurel).

Garajonay Forest

The Garajonay National Park is one of the best preserved laurel forests that exist today. It is a cloud-trapped forest, which is exposed to the humid trade winds that carry water particles across the North Atlantic and then settle on the leaves and branches of the forest trees.

Precisely this humidity favours the presence of mosses, lichens and ferns that cover the branches of many trees giving them a fairy-tale appearance. To enter the Garajonay National Park is to be surrounded by an ancient forest in its purest state. Undoubtedly, the best way to enjoy and appreciate this place is through its trails, although from the road you can also take the route that visits the different viewpoints and the views of the roques.

El Cedro Forest

El Cedro Forest is the municipality of Hermigua, on the edge of the Garajonay National Park in the northern part of the island. El Cedro is a beautiful laurel forest with a mist that will also wrap you in a magical atmosphere. It has a stream of water that flows all year round and is considered one of the largest forest masses in the Canary Islands. Also, this forest also has a hiking trail that plunges into a nature that is full of ferns, laurel forests and tangled trunks of faya.

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