During summer, we are always looking for places to cool off, whether diving in the sea, taking a dip in the pool or having an ice cream. If you really want to enjoy the pleasure of an ice cream, you have to try ours at Hotel Jardin Tecina; they are available at any time of the year. We have a wide variety of flavors from which to choose: from classic chocolate to passion fruit ice creams. Do you dare to taste the most exotic flavors?

Here at Hotel Jardin Tecina, ice creams are 100% handmade by ourselves. We work every day to innovate and discover new flavors and blends to obtain the creamiest and tastiest ice cream, with the most unique ingredients. Therefore, our available flavors are constantly changing so our guests can have a wide range of options from which to choose on each occasion. You will feel an explosion of flavor in your palate! It will surprise you!

There are ice creams for all tastes, including for vegans, diabetics, and low in calories.

We offer you almost infinite possibilities with our innovative handmade ice creams, but we do not forget about classic flavors. In fact, chocolate remains the preferred flavor of our hotel guests. The list of favorite ice creams is filled with traditional flavors such as: vanilla, strawberry and cream. The most daring guests enjoy the exotic ice creams made with ingredients collected at the hotel's garden EcoFinca. We use curious natural ingredients to prepare them, such as passion fruit or Moringa; which we grown in Hotel Jardin Tecina.

The passion fruit comes from different plants of the Passiflora family and it is widely used to prepare desserts and add an acid taste when making teas. It also has many health benefits: it improves the cardiovascular system, keeps the skin hydrated, and is low in fat and high in fiber content. It will definitely keep you in good shape, but in a delicious way.

On the other hand, the Moringa, which grows in our EcoFinca, is known as the "tree of life" or the "miraculous tree," due to its medicinal uses. Its fruits have a high content of iron, calcium, and potassium and they help strengthen the body against possible ailments.

Limes and papayas from our garden at Hotel Jardin Tecina are also used to make delicious ice creams. Papaya grows in many tropical regions and it stands out for its color, but also, for its nutritional properties. Although exotic, papaya still has that sweet and aromatic typical flavor of a normal ice cream. However, lime ice cream flavor is very different from the classic sweet ice cream. This ice cream, with a bit bitter taste, is one of the varieties that you can discover in the hotel ... but the list does not end here.

You may find herbal ice cream, such as basil, or even salty ice cream, although it sounds strange! Some of these are made with tomatoes and home-grown peppers. These savory flavors are used as an accompaniment to our most exquisite dishes. You can even dare to try one made with snickers, made of peanuts and salt flakes! You will also find innovative ice creams made with palm honey, goat cheese or gofio. The team of Jardin Tecina continues experimenting with these surprising flavors. The next goal is to get activated natural charcoal to make a black ice cream and blue spirulina, two new ingredients that are very trendy right now and have many digestive benefits.

The spirulina is a tropical blue-greenish alga that has recently begun to be incorporated in some juices, smoothies and salads recipes. Soon, not only you will be able to try exotic flavors of ice cream, but you will also taste them in all different colors: the spirulina, for example, has a curious blue tone.

We also at Hotel Jardin Tecina make our ice creams considering all kinds of palates. The black chocolate ice cream and vegetable milk is low in calories, perfect for vegans and lactose intolerant. Some are made with Stevia instead of sugar so they are the recommended option for diabetics, but they are also low in calories. The hotel team works every day to discover new flavors, experimenting with the tastiest fruits of La Gomera.

One of our next challenges is to create our own flavor: a green, sustainable and organic ice cream made with vegetable milk that will become our sweet at Hotel Jardin Tecina. An idea that is still in the making, but that will be a gastronomic product made with our own garden fruits and that will have its motto: "different by nature."

The goal is to daily surprise our guests; making it possible for you to taste the most innovative and exquisite flavors during your visit in the Canary Islands. Enjoy your ice cream and fight the heat with our fantastic artisan flavors at Hotel Jardin Tecina. The ice cream taste better in La Gomera!