Would you like to live a great adventure? Get aboard and navigate the spectacular coast of the island, sight whales and dolphins in their natural habitat and discover Los Órganos Natural Monument. An excursion in a protected and well-maintained area that nobody can miss. Discover places with turtles, birds, cetaceans and take a dip in the crystal clear waters of the Canary Islands. An impressive marine life awaits you in La Gomera.

The sea is full of mysteries. Maritime life develops underwater without we notice it, and even there are still some species undiscovered. The adventurous travellers will have the possibility to dive and swim in the deep waters, a paradise full of amazing plants and animals.

On some occasions, marine life comes to the surface to amaze those lucky ones who can, observe it. The dolphins swim and jump together, and even the whales show up in the surface wondering what's going on outside. If you visit La Gomera, you cannot miss the maritime excursions along the coasts of the island. Get on board, sail the waters of the Atlantic Ocean and see the beauty of the impressive marine species that are hidden in the sea.

The yubartas have been sighted on these boat trips, they are also known as humpback whales, a cetacean species that can reach 12 to 16 meters in adulthood. They usually travel a lot, since they migrate thousands of kilometres a year, and they are easy to recognize among all the whales in the world thanks to their fins and the knotted head. You can also see sperm whales also called cachalot, which are easy to recognize by their large heads and rounded fronts that, once you see them, will make you think of the Moby Dick story. In addition, you will find rorquals, which come from the family of the so-called "winged whales" which have a very characteristic beard among these cetaceans. A great tourist attraction in the Canary Islands.

But undoubtedly the dolphins are the stars of these boat trips. Everyone knows that dolphins are smart, but also tremendously funny creatures. During the tour you will see different types of dolphins: from bottlenose dolphins, tropical pilot whales, which are considered as the world's fastest cetacean in depth, to rough-toothed dolphin, which is not very common to see. If you see them, you may consider yourself as a lucky person. In addition, on tour, we also look for turtles, seabirds and other spectacular animals.

Animals are one of the attractions of these boat trips, but what about the landscape? This boat trip will take us to stunning natural landscapes, such as Los Órganos Natural Monument. A cliff of volcanic rocks in the form of organ tubes that seem to be falling into the sea and can only be admired if you travel by boat. A jewel of natural architecture that nobody can miss.

The estimated time for the excursions depends on you. There are long excursions that stop at one of the hidden coves of the island, where you will have the opportunity to swim and to taste an exquisite lunch of grilled tuna, wrinkled potatoes, mojo, and drinks. All included in the price. Short excursions include a tasty selection of tapas and sangria, however, due to the short time, it is not possible to swim. For fishing enthusiasts, try your luck at fishing for tuna, barracuda, and others.

The maritime excursions cover the western coast of La Gomera, full of stunning landscapes and unique animals living in freedom. Grab your prismatic because, in addition to the beautiful coastline and dolphins around the boat, you will have the opportunity to see curious birds that live on the cliff, like ospreys. Get on board to experience the wildlife of La Gomera.