If you are thinking about visiting La Gomera and the time has come to plan your trip, you will need to know how to get around the island. Depending on your needs, you will have many options, from renting a car, to touring the island by foot. So, if you want to visit La Gomera without a car there are also other alternatives.

Alternatives to using a car

Buses, ferries, taxis, transfers, motorcycles, scheduled excursions, etc. You have many options available, and the best way to combine each one of them depends on what you need and what you want to visit at any given time.

Renting a motorcycle in La Gomera

If you like to travel on two wheels, you will love visiting La Gomera by motorcycle. To do this, there are different companies for you to rent a motorcycle to travel around our island and discover its spectacular landscapes. Its barely 200 kilometres of curves will wrap you in the magic of La Gomera, surprise you with huge ravines that reach the sea, black sand beaches and crystal-clear waters, valleys covered with palm trees and ancient forests.

Buses (Guagua)

If you prefer to travel by bus, the buses (Guagua) of La Gomera have 8 lines that will allow you to move around its different towns

  • Line 1 - Valle Gran Rey - San Sebastián de La Gomera  
  • Line 2 - Vallehermoso - San Sebastián
  • Line 3 - Alajeró - San Sebastián
  • Line 4 - Vallehermoso - La Dama
  • Line 5 - Vallehermoso - Alojera
  • Line 6 - Valle Gran Rey - Airport
  • Line 7 - San Sebastián - Airport
  • Line 8 - Vallehermoso - Valle Gran Rey


And if what you want is to sail the ocean to get to know La Gomera with or without a car, the Fred Olsen Express ferries will be the best alternative, being one of the main means to reach our island from Tenerife.

Mountain bike routes

For sports lovers who are enthusiastic about cycling, La Gomera is the perfect destination to enjoy its mountain bike routes. Also, some of our roads and forest tracks, and some trails, provide professional level training and practice in certain cycling modalities due to the altitude difference, the configuration of the roads and their length.

As for mountain biking, one of the most practised modalities, you will find infinitely many incredible routes to enjoy both your favourite sport and all the wonders that nature has to offer on our island, starting from San Sebastian even up to the Alto de Garajonay.

La Gomera by foot

Of course, we could not fail to mention the more than 600 kilometres of trails there are on our island, which will allow you to discover all its charms by foot. Hiking routes to enjoy the most spectacular corners of La Gomera.