Travelling and being environmentally friendly are two totally compatible concepts. Sustainable tourism aims at being able to travel without intervening in everything around us and that is precisely where the concept of hotel comes from. These types of hotels, such as Hotel Jardín Tecina, are environmentally friendly and are managed to minimise or reduce their carbon footprint and are designed to have a positive impact on nature.

What does a hotel require in order to be environmentally friendly?

The hotels in which ecotourism is promoted are located in privileged natural settings.  The characteristics of environmentally-friendly hotels include the use of renewable energies, their own sustainable cultivation areas and the promotion of ecotourism activities.

At Hotel Jardín Tecina we work every day to take care of the planet, paying special attention to measures that promote sustainability.

One of the best examples of this at the hotel is our Eco Finca Tecina. It is a 100% organic farm designed based on the principles of permaculture. It combines the life of human beings with that of animals and plants, in a respectful and beneficial way and favouring everyone’s needs in an adequate manner. The products that come from the cultivation area of our Eco Finca are 100% organic and we use them to prepare our dishes in our restaurants. From the garden to the table, at Hotel Jardín Tecina you can savour La Gomera in the most natural way.

In addition, our Eco Finca Tecina also becomes a space that promotes environmental education, making this type of agriculture known, and also the animals that live there, through visits and guided walks.

Energy saving is another aspect that we cover with the measures implemented in the hotel. Use of LED technologies, presence sensors, drip irrigation systems, timed taps or wastewater treatment for reuse in irrigation are some of them.

Do you want to enjoy a sustainable holiday while taking care of yourself and your surroundings?

We look forward to welcoming you in La Gomera!