Sustainable tourism has become one of the favourite options for all travellers who want to enjoy their holidays while contributing in turn to caring for the environment. This type of tourism is characterised by respect for both the local population and the traveller, cultural heritage and the environment, which makes La Gomera and Hotel Jardín Tecina are the ideal destination.

If you want to become a sustainable tourist, here are some tips you can follow:

  • Destination. The first thing you should do if you want to leave a green footprint on your holiday is to choose an accommodation that is committed to sustainability. At Hotel Jardín Tecina this is one of our most important values. We are committed to you and to the planet by carrying out a number of actions aimed at being leaders in hospitality by providing our customers with what they need for a happy holiday while complying with the most demanding environmental and quality principles.
  • Transportation. Once at your chosen destination, you should choose the transport with the lowest polluting gas emissions into the atmosphere. Hotel Jardín Tecina has an electric car recharging point to promote the use of this type of vehicles.
  • Local and sustainable products. Consuming locally produced goods and sustainable food will also help you become a green traveller. The restaurants at Hotel Jardín Tecina are the best example of km0 gastronomy, and of 100% organic products that come directly from the orchard to your table. Our Eco Finca Tecina is an orchard where everything is sustainable.
  • Water consumption. In your travels, responsible water consumption will be of essence to take care of everything around you. Both for drinking and personal hygiene you should consider this issue. The measures implemented in our hotel to reduce consumption by both guests and staff include the installation of dual-flush cisterns, tap aerators, tap timers in common areas, and a drip irrigation system and humidity control. In addition, we have our own supply network and desalination plant.
  • Visits to natural areas. La Gomera is nature in its purest form and one of the greatest attractions of the island lies precisely in the number of natural monuments that you can find while discovering it. Following all the recommendations when visiting natural parks such as the Garajonay Natural Park will help to prevent any impact on plant or animal life in the area.

This holiday, choose your destination thinking about what is best for you, your loved ones and everything around you.