La Gomera is an island of legends and traditions and traditional costumes are another example of this. The typical costumes of the Canary Islands, which include the typical costume of La Gomera, are models of clothing that have become popular and are considered the most representative of the islands of the archipelago.

Although the clothing was similar in all the islands, each one kept small peculiarities, especially in what concerns warm garments and headdresses.

The islanders used, mostly, locally produced wool, linen and silk fabrics to make their clothing.

History of the clothing of La Gomera clothing

In some cases, such as in the island of La Palma and El Hierro, the costumes are usually faithful copies of those worn by the population in the past, but in other cases, such as those of the island of Tenerife and the clothing of La Gomera, ancient elements coexist, but from different historical periods.

In the case of La Gomera, this clothing shows the centuries-old austerity that characterised the island's clothing. They are based on the work of Alfred Diston and Olivia Stone who paint and describe them in the 19th century.

What does the La Gomera Maga costume consist of?

The La Gomera Maga costume consists of a white petticoat with red ribbon stitching on the hem, a red skirt and over it a blue wool skirt. Also, a white blouse, with a black bodice, and other complementary garments such as a yellow scarf and a palm leaves hat with blue stitching. For footwear, black boots.

As for the man, the typical La Gomera costume consists of a medium height and brim felt hat, a linen shirt, a grey wool vest, a long jacket made of the same fabric as the vest, a band or sash in ecru, country canvas underpants, gaiters, black wool leggings and leather shoes.

Did you know our island’s traditional costume? Come and discover the magic of La Gomera also in its traditions.