The Cory's shearwater is one of the largest seabirds in Spain. One of its main characteristics is that it only approaches the coast to mate and our island is one of the places where it settles to do so.

It breeds in cliffs or caves near the coast between June and October, ant it is precisely in October and November, when its young leave the nest. It is during these months that hatchlings leave the nest to enter the sea, but during their first flights they may become disoriented by the lights of the coastal towns and fall back to land.

Cory's shearwaters find resuming flight at ground level exceedingly difficult, so if you encounter one of these seabirds it is especially important that you help them to do so.

How to help a Cory's shearwater?

Cory's shearwater is a protected species that we must care for and protect, so it is important to be clear about the steps to take in case of encountering one of these birds on land.

  • To reassure it, one of the things you should do is approach it slowly and cover it with a towel, jacket or similar.
  • For greater safety, it is advisable to put it in a box with holes.
  • Call emergency services. It is advisable to call 112 to get them to come and pick it up and take it to a recovery centre. Once there, it will be returned to its natural habitat.

Hotel Jardín Tecina collaborates every day in protecting this seabird by informing both guests and our staff about the significance of protecting it, and giving the indications required for action in case of encountering a Cory's shearwater. 

Once again this is how we show our commitment to biodiversity, how about you?