The red banana is a variety of the conventional banana that is grown in the Canary Islands. Originating from America, this fruit, which has been cultivated for several decades in the Canary Islands, has many differences with respect to the Canary Island banana.

The first difference is the colour. It has a reddish, orangey and even brownish colour as it approaches maturity; not only on the outside but also on the inside where this tone is more subtle.
With a softer and creamier texture even in its less ripe stage, and a less sweet taste, with hints of sour and reminiscent of red fruits, this banana can be tasted almost anywhere on the islands.

In fact, we grow it at Hotel Jardín Tecina, on our Eco Finca Tecina, to provide our guests the best products from our orchard to their table. The freshest native products from the land, 100% sustainable and sown with care and respect.

We do not use machinery so as not to damage the soil, and we use natural resources in the most sustainable way; all this to supply the hotel with organic and healthy food.

At Eco Finca Tecina we do not only work with cultivation and tillage, there is also room for animals. We have a fence and a henhouse; and people staying at the hotel can visit it on a guided tour that is organised occasionally, in compliance with all safety measures, and where you will learn first-hand all the secrets of organic farming.