La Gomera is full of magical places that will make your visit to the island an experience.

Enchanted forests, valleys with panoramic views, unspoiled villages, and natural pools. In the summer season, with the heat and the sea breeze, the most desirable thing to do is to dive into the water. In an area known as "El Peñón” lies the natural pool of Hermigua, the most impressive one on La Gomera. With its crystal-clear waters in a unique enclave, it is the perfect adventure for nature lovers.

The natural pool of Hermigua will allow you to take a swim next to four columns that are about thirty meters high that were part of the old davit. It was built in the early twentieth century to export bananas and tomatoes.  From there you can enjoy a large pool of salt water protected from the strength of the Atlantic.

The Hermigua davit was built in 1907. These davits were used as places where products could be loaded on ships quicker and more swiftly to be then sent off to European markets. These are structures with supports that go into the sea and end in an overhang that allows loading and unloading on the vessels that then transhipped the goods to the ships that could not approach the coast.

It is undoubtedly one of the places you should not miss during your trip to La Gomera. It is less than 1 hour drive from Hotel Jardín Tecina and it is the ideal destination for excursions to discover the unique landscapes of our island from north to south. 

Other natural pools of La Gomera

In addition to the natural pool of Hermigua, La Gomera also has other natural pools such as Charco del Conde. In Valle Gran Rey, this is a more family-friendly and quiet pool where a beautiful lagoon is created thanks to the reefs that allow a small water inlet. The name was given by the lord of the island after the Castilian conquest in the 15th century. Its easy access from the road, its vegetation, and the sand where you can leave your towels, make it one of the perfect destinations to spend a day with the family.

Do you want to discover these and other natural hidden wonders in La Gomera?

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