If your next trip is to the Canary Islands, you should know that not only incredible landscapes, nature in its purest form and dream beaches await you, but also a magnificent gastronomy. The climate and orographic conditions of our islands make them an optimal place to grow tropical fruits, so during your trip you will be able to taste many of them.

As we said, the subtropical climate allows these typical Canary Island fruits, originally from warmer areas, to adapt perfectly to the archipelago, as is shown by the famous plátano de Canarias. It is a very healthy food due to its high potassium content and is characterised by a sweet taste and smooth texture, in addition to its unmistakable black spots that allow us to quickly identify it.

Another tropical fruit you can find here is the Canary Island papaya. This is the region with the highest production of this fruit. It has nutritional properties; it is rich in vitamins and minerals and low in calories. 

The Canary Island pineapple is also a fruit that has adapted very well to our climate. It is another healthy food that is highly recommended for consumption as it is rich in vitamins and low in fat, in addition to favouring digestion. 

Among the different types of fruits that you will be able to taste during your stay on the Canary Islands, you will find different varieties of mango, pitaya, custard apple and guava.

Hotel Jardín Tecina is the ideal place to get to know and taste the tropical fruits of the Canary Islands as we have our own 100% organic farm, the Eco Finca Tecina, where we will show you how we grow these and other species that we bring from the orchard to the table at our restaurants. A farm based on permaculture principles and where everything is sustainable.

Surprise! On arrival, a pineapple made of bananas will be waiting for you to take yours. Enjoy a taste of what we have to offer at Hotel Jardín Tecina.