La Gomera offers many attractions to visitors, and food in particular is one of them, with countless typical products that make it special and unique. We recommend that you try all these products on your trip to La Gomera, including guarapo.

What is guarapo?

Those of you who have not yet visited the island might not know what guarapo is. This is the name given to a product made from the sap of the Canary palm. The process of extracting and producing the guarapo is an age-old tradition that is strongly rooted amongst the La Gomerans. It is still made today and has become yet another interesting feature of our island that characterises people’s identity. The work is done in a totally artisanal way throughout the whole process, from the extraction of the guarapo and its processing, through to its distribution.

This is yet another example of the relationship between the inhabitants of La Gomera and the palm tree. Guarapo is extracted after making a cut in the top layers of a palm heart after having removed the young palm leaves, giving a plant juice. This tradition has been around for over 500 years and has now become one of the island’s cultural assets.

How is it used in local cooking?

Guarapo is used in Canarian cooking to give a sweet taste, coat food, make desserts or mix with different drinks and juices. It is often known as palm honey, although the authorities have now withdrawn the word honey as the product does not come from bees.

Without a doubt this is something else to add to the list of things you really must try on your visit to La Gomera.