We are becoming increasingly aware of environmental issues and the tourism sector isn’t being left out of the discussion. As travellers we are more aware of the need to preserve the environment during our trips too, and we want to leave everything just as we found it and, even, improve it as much as possible. If you want to have a sustainable holiday on La Gomera then you can do so, and it will help to follow a series of good practices.

  • Responsible consumption. Remember that water and energy are scarce, so use these natural resources sparingly.
  • Waste. With regard to waste, try to generate as little as possible, and when you have to dispose of it, use the places indicated for this.
  • Nature. La Gomera is nature in itself. The island is made up of a whole host of natural spaces that you will want to enjoy, such as the Orone Protected Landscape and Garajonay National Park. When you visit any of these and other natural spaces on La Gomera, avoid leaving behind non-organic waste. It would be advisable to find out more in order to make the least possible impact on the environment.
  • Support the local economy. Another way of promoting sustainable tourism is by getting to know the local culture, customs, food and traditions. La Gomera has a lot to tell you and you’ll enjoy discovering it.
  • Mobility. If you’re going to use an electric car for your trips around the island, no need to worry. The island has several charging points for electric vehicles so you can get around as sustainably as possible. You’ll also have the chance to enjoy La Gomera by bicycle or on foot. There are an endless amount of walking and cycling routes on the island, as well as aquatic activities in which you will be 100% immersed in nature.