If you are looking for a destination to travel alone, La Gomera is the perfect place. There are many reasons why going on a solo trip can be the best option. Here are a few that can help you make the decision:

  • Tailor-made trip. When you do not depend on anyone else when it comes to travel, you are in control. Schedules, places to visit, you decide your pace and your time.
  • Your happiness increases. Travelling alone improves self-confidence and there are studies that claim that it increases happiness because you surpass yourself and live experiences that will remain in your memory as only yours.
  • Goodbye to stress. When you travel in a group you have to look out for others, so when you travel alone there is less chance of issues that can stress you out.
  • You learn to solve problems. If you travel alone, you will make all the decisions and they will surely be the best ones. This will help you gain confidence in yourself for all other situations that may arise in your life, not just travelling.

Once you are convinced that it is time to embark on a solo trip, there are many attractions that will make our magical island the ideal destination.

If you like nature, the more than 600 kilometres of trails that cross La Gomera will lead you to discover unforgettable landscapes in the Garajonay National Park. Laurel forests, endless viewpoints and ocean views that will envelop you in the magic of La Gomera.

If you do not wish to go on an adventure, but you do need a few days of relaxation, Hotel Jardín Tecina will provide you everything you are looking for. A hotel on a cliff, surrounded by nature and overlooking the sea, where you can enjoy the eternal spring of our island all year long. In the outdoor area of our Ahemon Spa you can relax and balance body and mind with views of the Atlantic ocean that will remain etched in your retina forever.

And if you are a foodie, our restaurants will give you a taste of La Gomera in the most natural way with dishes prepared by our chefs from the products we grow in our Eco Finca Tecina. A 100% organic farm from which we extract the best of our land in the most sustainable way.

Do you need anything else to make up your mind? On your next trip come and discover La Gomera and yourself at Hotel Jardín Tecina.