Looking after the environment is increasingly becoming a matter of concern to us all, including the tourism sector. Hence, the so-called sustainable tourism that follows the principles of sustainability, minimises the impact on the environmental and culture, and tries to generate income and employment for the local population. 

At the Hotel Jardín Tecina, we work on this on a day to day basis, and we carry out a series of measures to achieve this:

  • Daily actions. In our facilities we carry out a series of actions that contribute to preserving everything that surrounds us:
    • Own water supply network and desalination plant.
    • Pressure limiters in the bathrooms to offer a good service reducing water consumption.
    • Purification of the water used for reuse as irrigation of the Tecina Golf and the hotel gardens.
    • Solar panels that generate 45% of the energy.
    • Biological alternatives in the cleaning products used in our facilities.
    • Energy-saving bulbs and screens, and LEDs, and the use of presence sensors in order to contribute to greater energy efficiency and energy savings.
    • Selection and reduction of waste.
    • Commitment to an environmental development by opting for local products.
  • Charging area for electric cars. In order to help reduce the emission of polluting gases into the atmosphere, we have a charging area for electric cars in our facilities, thus facilitating their use.
  • "0 Plastic” project. With an aim to reduce plastic consumption, one of the initiatives that we have implemented at the Hotel Jardín Tecina is the "0 Plastic" project, which has led to a series of actions in this regard:
    • Installation of dispensers to replace plastic water bottles, and use of tetrabricks instead of individual plastic bottles.
    • Use of biodegradable materials in items such as waste bags, glasses or straws.
  • Eco Finca Tecina. A clear example of our commitment to sustainability is our Eco Finca Tecina. A 100% ecological farm designed following the principles of permaculture based on the patterns and characteristics of the natural ecosystem. A 9,500 square meters area where natural resources are used to the extent possible, without using machinery and using organic matter as fertiliser. A place where we live with plants and animals as respectfully as possible. In addition, our Laurel Club offers a 100% organic menu where you can taste vegetables, greens and fruits from our own harvest.

If you wish to contribute to caring for the environment during your holidays, you need not worry at the Hotel Jardín Tecina, since our commitment to the planet is also a commitment to you.

Happy holidays in La Gomera complying with the most demanding environmental and quality principles!