To speak of La Gomera is to speak of flavour. There are many products that will lead you to discover our island through you palate, and the wine of La Gomera is one of the most characteristic. 

Vine growing in La Gomera dates back to the 15th century with the arrival of the conquistadors from the continent who began to bring vines grafted to wine varieties from all over Europe, not only because wine represented food, but also because of its importance during liturgy. It was around the mid-17th century, after the collapse of sugar cane cultivation, that viticulture acquired foremost importance for the island's economy.

The Denomination of Origin La Gomera was created in 2003 and it currently has approximately 120 registered hectares. A particularly important surface area considering our island’s dimensions. La Gomera's viticulture differs from others by its terraced cultivation system and, above all, by the use of the forastera grape variety, one of the most important and characteristic varieties of Canary Island wines. Specifically, it takes up 85% of the cultivated surface area, producing young dry wines, but also semi-dry wines, sweet wines, and liqueur wines.

La Gomera forastera grapes

The La Gomera forastera grape is a variety whose origin dates back four centuries and which has characteristics that make it incredibly unique, especially for its aromatic intensity and acidity. Although it is the most common variety, other varieties are also grown on the island, such as Listan blanco (palomino) and Malvasia; and Listan negro, Tintilla, castellana and some foreign varieties, in reds.

At Hotel Jardín Tecina you will find a wide selection of wines with Denomination of Origin La Gomera with which to pair the exquisite dishes of our restaurants made with km0 products.

Niray wine

One of the La Gomera wines you can taste at our hotel are those of Bodegas Niray. On the one hand, a dry white wine made with La Gomera forastera grapes and, on the other hand, a traditional red wine made with Tempranillo and Syrah varieties.

Cumbres de Garajonay wine

Also, with Denomination of Origin La Gomera, Cumbres de Garajonay is a dry white from the La Gomera winery that will match perfectly with the best dishes on the island. It is made with the varieties La Gomera forastera and Listan blanco.

Montoro Wine

Another example of a great Canary Island wine is the Montoro de La Gomera wine from the winery that gives it its name. A perfect combination of the varieties La Gomera forastera, Listan blanco and Marmajuelo.

At Hotel Jardín Tecina we are committed to local flavour; would you like to come and find out more?