The grandeur of the volcanic cliffs, the beauty of the marine species that bathe our coast and unique experiences enjoying the immensity of the Atlantic. Discovering La Gomera from the sea can become a great adventure that will take you to meet real jewels of the marine ecosystem.

Whale and dolphin watching

The waters between La Gomera and Tenerife are home to the first pilot whale heritage site in Europe. Tenerife-La Gomera Whale Heritage Site has become a whale watching destination where you can see more than 20 species that reside here throughout the year. Among them, in addition to pilot whales, there are different types of dolphins such as bottlenose dolphins, spotted dolphins, rough-toothed dolphins or common dolphins.

Los Órganos Natural Monument

One of the excursions to get to know La Gomera through the sea will take you to the impressive Natural Monument of Los Órganos. Situated on the north coast of Vallehermoso, this cliff is made of very old volcanic rocks, whose cooling and subsequent erosion have given it the silhouette in the form of organ pipes that fall vertically into the sea. Its dimensions make this wonder of nature not leave anyone indifferent, approximately 200 meters wide and 80 meters high. To fully appreciate its beauty, it can only be accessed from the sea.

Beaches of La Gomera

It is always a good time to take a swim and there are many beaches where you can do so or enjoy relaxing walks on the shores of the Atlantic ocean. Calm and tranquillity characterise these beaches, and those closest to our hotel are the following:

  • Santiago beach. With direct access from our Laurel Club, it is one of the largest of the island and has with very calm waters. It is very attractive for diving lovers for its caves hidden in the seabed. It allows practising scuba diving, snorkelling or kayaking. Also, since it is an urban beach, it has a pleasant promenade to enjoy during your day at the beach.
  • Tapahuga beach, "El Medio" beach and Chinguarime beach. They are three practically unspoilt beaches situated consecutively to the south of the island in the municipality of San Sebastian and very close to Santiago beach. All our guests can enjoy a walk that will take them from Hotel Jardín Tecina to Playa Tapahuga. These beaches are ideal if you are looking for tranquillity. They are mainly formed by creeks and have great crystal clear waters.

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