La Gomera is the ideal destination for hiking lovers and you can find unique and special places during the tour of its different routes.

Although the Garajonay National Park is the enclave par excellence to practice hiking in La Gomera, with 18 routes through which you can discover all the charms of the Canary Island’s nature, the island’s more than 600 kilometres of trails also include other magical places that you cannot miss, and this is the case of the Arure Waterfall.

To get there, follow the route that starts at the hamlet of Guro, a five-minute drive from Valle Gran Rey. From there you ascend to the Arure ravine to reach a spectacular area where you will find this hidden waterfall. 

Hiking route

Most of this hike through La Gomera runs along the same riverbed that traverses the ravine. Although it is classified as of moderate difficulty, it is completed easily, the first leg in less than an hour and with little elevation gain.

The beginning of the route, as we said, starts in Guro. A hamlet and last corner of the island that still retains much of the hippie spirit that flooded this area in the 70s. There, a green piece of wood and a yellow arrow painted on a stone indicate the starting point. The route continues in the open along a path sheltered by the vertical stone slopes of the ravine. Soon the landscape changes and the route becomes humid and shady, offering beautiful natural corners as a prelude to what awaits you at the journey’s end.

After an hour you reach the expected destination, the Arure Waterfall, which plummets down the mountain in a space sheltered in a kind of cave whose walls seem to be formed by giant drops of water, petrified before touching the ground. A true gift of nature that is added to all that our island has to offer.

Do you want to get to know this magical place? Come and discover it!