The La Gomera Town Council (Cabildo) has launched a project for the sustainable use of the Canary Island palm tree. This project, which aims to care for and maintain the habitat of the palm tree, promotes adaptation to climate change and the sustainability of the area.

This project began at the Benchijigua Farmhouse in order to study, experiment and obtain information about the Canary Island palm tree and then assess how to transfer this study to other properties with the same characteristics.

Primos Pusnik, Manager of Tecina Golf and of Fred Olsen S.A.’s assets in La Gomera, recognises the importance of public and private sector collaborations in this type of projects, since they are projects that promote the island's development.
Specifically, it is on the island of La Gomera where this ecosystem is best preserved, as different activities have been carried out for its proper maintenance. Local cooperation and support are of utmost importance and necessary: the union of the farmers being essential for the island’s sustainable and green development.

Promoting local products and services, and sustainability, is one of our hotel's premises. We grow fruit and vegetables at our Eco Finca Tecina for the hotel's self-sufficiency and we make guided tours of the different plantations for guests to see the growing process, taste local products, experience and enjoy a very special visit.