Surely you will agree with us that one of the best things about travelling is trying the local cuisine of the place you visit. If, like us, you believe that eating is one of life's greatest pleasures, come and join us to discover the best La Gomera dishes.

  • Papas arrugadas (wrinkled potatoes): a classic. It is one of the star foods of the Canary Islands’ gastronomy and you shouldn’t go back home without having tried them on your holidays. You can eat them as you prefer, but is essential to eat them with mojo.
  • Mojo: a tasty Canary Island sauce. You probably know the classic mojo picón or mojo verde (with coriander). Did you know that there are over 20 different types of this delicious sauce? Make good use of your trip and try as many as you can!
  • Watercress stew: one of the most typical dishes on La Gomera. If you ask anyone who lives on the island for a typical La Gomera dish, watercress stew (potaje de berros) will probably be one of the first ones that comes to their mind. It is simple, but very tasty as well as healthy. Its main ingredients are: watercress, potatoes, peppers and some meat for flavour.
  • Almogrote: is similar to pâté. The base of this dish is cheese and tradition has it that it originated from the need not to waste any food. Its main ingredients are: goat cheese, pepper, olive oil and garlic. If you pair this delicacy with a La Gomera wine, you will have the perfect recipe for a unique gastronomic experience.

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Surely just reading this article has made you hungry. So take note for next time you visit La Gomera. If you want to learn how to prepare any of these recipes, just leave a note in the comments.

Enjoy a delicious gastronomic holiday at Hotel Jardín Tecina.