An incredibly special day full of emotions is around the corner and every detail is especially important. We know that a wedding is a very emotional event, but organising it is not an easy task and if we add work and other worries, stress and exhaustion can make an appearance. That is why, before the big day, it is a clever idea to take time for yourself.

Pre-wedding honeymoon

There are many reasons why this "earlymoon" or pre-wedding may be the best option before saying "I do":

  • Goodbye to stress. One spends a lot of time organising a wedding and this can lead to episodes of anxiety and exhaustion. A couple's getaway will allow couples to disconnect and take care of their health and well-being.
  • Breaking with routine. Sometimes wedding preparations can make you forget what is really important, the person you are marrying, so this early honeymoon is the perfect occasion to enjoy each other.
  • Getting ready physically and mentally. A romantic trip feels good mentally, but that feeling of relaxation will also be show on your body. Enjoying a relaxing treatment or getting a suntan will help you look radiant on your big day.
  • Finding inspiration. Being plunged in wedding preparations can block both bride and groom, so taking a break will bring back inspiration and innovative ideas.

Getaway to Hotel Jardín Tecina

A getaway is the best alternative to put a stop to pre-wedding jitters. At Hotel Jardín Tecina you can enjoy our Ahemon Spa an area devoted to wellness and relaxation, where you can find the balance between body and soul. A relaxation and health centre in a peaceful setting overlooking the ocean. In addition to the outdoor area with water jets in our heated pools, you can also pamper yourself in the wellness area, getting a feeling of absolute calm through massages, steam baths, and other treatments that will free you from physical and mental tensions.

If you want the perfect combination for this switching off trip, staying in our duplex suites will be the best choice. An adults-only area with maximum privacy and the best panoramic views to the golf course, gardens, and ocean. Situated in an exclusive area, they have a space with Balinese beds, 1 private pool and 2 Jacuzzis.

Take a break and switch off at Hotel Jardín Tecina.

Are you preparing your big day?