Your trip to La Gomera can become the best experience if you are the kind of person that enjoys all the wonders that our island has to offer, highlighting among them, the natural environment surrounding us. The best way to feel La Gomera is by foot through its age-old forests, the waters of the Atlantic that bathe its beaches or the infinitely many unique and exclusive natural spots. We will highlight a few of these places that you should not miss.

Without a doubt, one of the things that will make you fall in love with La Gomera is its unique ecosystem, which finds its clearest expression in the laurel forest at the Garajonay National Park. Walking the trails through this space, which was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, will make you discover dreamy landscapes that acquire a special magic when the fog appears among its hanging ferns and mosses. One of the best options to get to know our park through its trails is the route known as the Gran Circular de Garajonay (Great Circular Garajonay), a path that runs through all types of forest and leads to the best viewpoints to behold the rocks and ravines of the island.

  • Gran Circular de Garajonay (Great Circular Garajonay). You can start walking this hiking trail by descending into one of the most spectacular areas of the National Park, the El Cedro ravine. You will find yourself walking through a million-year old laurel forest, a bastion that is still preserved from great forest that covered Europe and North Africa. If you follow the sound of its waters you will be able to reach the El Cedro River at the bottom of the ravine. The course of the path will take you to the Lourdes Chapel, and at the Caserío de El Cedro farmhouse it will follow the watercourse to the Chorro de El Cedro stream. Returning to the Caserío, barely 1 km away, you can take a detour and visit the Mirador El Bailadero viewpoint from where you will discover fantastic views. After feasting your eyes with this place, you should head to the parking area of the Reventón Oscuro, a stretch of the path characterised by a steep climb covered by laurel trees, which will lead you to discover the majestic rocks. Here you should visit the Mirador de los Roques viewpoint and continue to the Mirador del Roque de Agando and the Mirador de Tajaqué viewpoints. From this last viewpoint, you will be able to see the Benchijigua ravine. The next thing on this trail is to reach the highest point on the island, the Alto de Garajonay, where you will put the finishing touch to the walk by feeling the grandeur of the place as you catch a glimpse of the incredible views of the islands surrounding La Gomera.
  • Walk on the Tapahuga Beach. Although one of the ways to feel our island by foot is, as said earlier, through its more than 600 kilometres of trails, walking along some of its beaches will also become an unforgettable experience. One of the places to go to for this is the Tapahuga Beach. An unspoilt beach that you can access from our hotel and where the sensations you will experience when walking along the beach, with the sound of the sea and the Teide right in front, will be an unrepeatable feeling of La Gomera going through you directly from your feet.

All this and much more will make you discover and feel La Gomera in a very special way, enjoying everything the island has to offer and the holidays you deserve.

We look forward to seeing you at  Hotel Jardin Tecina. You will be in good hands here.