The 5th June is World Environment Day, and Hotel Jardín Tecina has many reasons to celebrate it.

The World Environment Day, which was established by the United Nations in 1977, aims to raise awareness of human beings to take care of the environment and the benefits this brings, both for the ecosystem and for all people living in the world.

Changing attitudes on environmental issues, encouraging people to become agents of change and ensuring environmental sustainability are some of the goals on which the UN founded this day.

Not only is it about taking care of the environment, it is also about not damaging it with our daily habits. We can and must all contribute to it because every small action counts.

This year, 2021, initiatives are focused on developing urgent actions to restore damaged ecosystems such as forests and coasts, returning animal and plant life to them, but also in cities with small actions such as planting trees, taking care of green areas, cleaning rivers, etc.

Hotel Jardín Tecina is committed to the environment and always tries to contribute to the care, conservation and maintenance of the ecosystem.

We are aware of the importance of protecting our environment and we carry out a series of actions to help conserve it.

  • We care about not wasting water, reducing and rationalising it with dual flush cisterns in taps, watering through a drip irrigation system, installing timers on bathroom taps of the common areas and reducing the change of towels and bedsheets in bedrooms with the help of our guests, who should tell us when they want us to change them or clean the room.
  • Reduction and rationalisation of water use, with different control systems and involving our customers with small actions during their stay.
  • Electricity is another of our concerns and we use solar energy and low consumption appliances to obtain electricity.
  • All this without forgetting waste management, separating waste and processing and reusing wastewater to be reused as irrigation water at Tecina Golf.

At Hotel Jardín Tecina we do our bit to make the world we live in a better world. Because taking care of the world, means taking care of all of us. Do you want to help us?