Golf is a sport that is gaining more and more followers every day and it is not surprising, as it allows you to concentrate, switch off and keep fit while enjoying nature.

Here you will find some golf tips to help you improve your game: 

1. Play the right equipment

95% of beginner golfers do not use the right clubs. The golf clubs you choose must be adapted to your swing. To do this you should consider the following:
  • Club height: You must consider your height and the distance from your hand to the ground. If a club is too long or too short you can get injured because you will be forcing your posture. 
  • Heads: oversize or enlarged heads are undoubtedly the most widespread option for amateur players, and blades or bladed irons for low handicaps and professionals. But in addition to this, the way you position your head in relation to the rod is essential. 
  • The speed of the swing and flexibility of the rod: the distance your ball reaches is given by the speed of our swing. A correct flexibility of your club will help you improve it.
  • The handle: it is through the handle that you come in contact with the club and consequently with the ball. A handle or grip that fits your hand will improve your swing.
  • The rods: an ideal rod is one with which the club face is centred when it hits the ball.
  • The ball: make sure to play the right type of ball. 

2. Know the distance to choose the right clubs

Knowing the distance that you reach with each one of your clubs will allow you to be more accurate and score more greens avoiding bunkers and other obstacles

To improve your distance, you should pay attention to the weather, the height of the golf course (at sea level the ball seems to be heavier), try to centre your shots and practice a lot to increase the speed of your swing and your posture.

3. Work on your posture

You need a solid stance. It is very easy to get used to bad postures in golf, especially when you are just starting. Most wrong shots are caused by an incorrect posture when hitting the ball, which prevents you from making the most of your swing. 

Once your stance is solid, develop a good posture.
To improve on this point you should practice, and above all, take classes before acquiring bad habits that are very difficult to correct. 

At the Tecina Golf Academy you will find golf lessons available for all ages and levels. If you take these tips into account and let yourself be helped by professionals, your game will improve significantly in a very short time.

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