Our Eco Finca Tecina is one of our hotel’s most special corners, where an environmentally friendly contact nature is the main characteristic. A 100% organic property based on the principles of permaculture , where we live together with animals and plants in full harmony.

Eco Finca Tecina is one of the most important drivers in our facilities. It gives us the natural products to elaborate some of our restaurant’s dishes. From our orchard to your table, ingredients that allow our customers to taste La Gomera as naturally as possible. 100% organic fruit and vegetables with our sustainable farming system.

How do we do it?

Eco Finca Tecina makes the most of natural resources through the design of its plantations. We use crop rotation and association techniques; we avoid the use of machinery so as not to damage the soil and we use organic matter as fertilisers instead of chemical products.

We have designed a natural space covering over 9,000 square meters in which each element has a specific function. In addition to plants, animals are also essential on our finca. Since no chemicals are used, the soil and plants obtain organic nutrients through compost and animal manure. Our animals are of utmost importance for the development of our Eco Finca Tecina's activity. 

Guided tours

The best way to discover our Eco Finca Tecina is through the guided tours that take place on Tuesdays, leaving from the hotel. A way to get to know this type of organic farming through practice, discovering why each crop is distributed the way it is and how it is treated.

Our guided tours are designed for all audiences, both national and international visitors, the visit is conducted in Spanish, German and English, both for children and adults. While the latter are discovering the secrets of organic farming, the children of the house will be able to meet the animals that live together at the Eco Finca Tecina.

Do you want to give the finishing touch to the tour? You can do this by tasting a 100% organic menu at El Laurel Restaurant, which includes fruit and vegetables from our own harvest.