According to the latest reports on the state of organic farming in Spain, our country continues to be one of the leaders in this type of agriculture. In terms of eco-area, it ranks first among the countries of the European Union and is the fourth in the world with more than 2.24 million hectares. These data show the importance that the ecological sector is taking in support of the rural world in our country, an issue that we are also committed with at the Jardín Tecina Hotel.

A clear example of this is our Eco Finca Tecina. Our Laurel Club has designed a 100% ecological farm based on the principles of permaculture, principles with an ecological and social component consisting in caring for the land, caring for people and fair distribution. As for the care of the land, the objective is the careful and responsible use and management of the resources that nature has to offer. The principles of permaculture further acknowledge that all human beings should have the same right and access to resources and knowledge and, finally, set limits on consumption and a fair distribution of surpluses.

Through our Eco Finca Tecina, which is divided into different plots, we have created a habitat of more than 9,000 square meters, in which humans, animals and plants coexist in a respectful way.

Our organic crops are used in the buffets and menus in our restaurants, and you can taste a 100% organic menu at our Laurel Club’s restaurant.

As we said, in our Eco Finca Tecina, in addition to humans and plants there are also animals, which you can visit and meet in our guided tours every Tuesday from 10 to 13 hours. Thus, you will see the true functioning of this ecosystem that our hotel is committed with.

Commitment to sustainable tourism

Making a sustainable tourism model available to our clients is one of our goals, and in addition to what our Eco Finca Tecina entails, we also carry out other measures that are committed to sustainability. Measures based on energy saving, the use of renewable energies and the promotion of local products.

Some of these measures are:

  • 45% of the energy we need to heat the water in swimming pools and consumption in the rooms comes from solar panels.
  • We have a charging area for electric cars. This way, we encourage the use of this type of vehicles, reducing the impact on the environment.
  • We have our own desalination plant and water supply network.
  • We recycle all our waste.
  • We opt for local products and promote knowledge of our immediate environment.

At the Jardín Tecina Hotel, we are committed to the environment and to you.

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