La Gomera has many points of interest to visit during your trip: scenery viewpoints, natural parks, forests, townsand villages, monuments, magical places burstingwith history, etc. Today let us take you to Vallehermoso and show you a natural monument that you will want to visit: the Chipude fortress.


A plateau of almost perfect rock that rises 1.243 metres above sea level which can only be accessed to the top through a small crack that barely fits two people. Therefore, it makes sense that in ancient times this place was used as a defensive fortress. The Chipude fortress, which is visible from virtually everywhere on La Gomera, owes its name to a nearby village and its castle-like shape.


Chipude is one of the most important locations of the ancient Aboriginal religion. On its summit, remains of shelters and circular stone structures were found, with remains of ash from animals, and where rituals such as sacrifices were performed.


To reach the summit, the signposted route starts in Chipude and continues along a rocky and very steep path that leads to an area of loose stones that seem to form a natural staircase. In a few minutes you climb over 100 metresin altitude. It is not a difficult hike, we promise you that the views from the top will be worth the effort as you can see practically all of La Gomera and, with a bit of luck, you will be able to see the islands of La Palma and Tenerife.


Let us give you a piece of advice: the Chipude fortress is a must on your trip to La Gomera. Nature, sport, history and legends, in one of the most visited points of interest on the island.


Ready to climb to its highest point?