One of the best ways to get to know the island is definitely by visiting its viewpoints. Let us tell you why: once you have chosen the viewpoints you want to visit; you will discover all the nature and landscapes of La Gomera. If you still do not have a ranking of your favourite viewpoints in La Gomera, you can follow ours:

1. Mirador de Abrante.
It is one of the most famous because of its spectacular facilities since it is literally hanging 400 meters above the ground. We invite you to stand on its glass bridge from where you will see the town of Agulo. From here, you will see the rural valley and you can wave to the Teide on clear days. 

2. Mirador Morro de Agando.
It is doubtlessly one of the visitors’ favourites. Here, you will enjoy the colourful views of La Gomera, a sea of clouds moving, and on a clear day, the Teide in the background. It is in the centre of the island. On one side you have views to the Garajonay, and on the other, the Monument of Rocks and Benhijigua reserve.

3. Mirador de la Punta.
It is north of the island and consists of a wild landscape crossed by an unspoilt beach of black volcanic sand: the Santa Catalina beach. Once you have visited some of the viewpoints and you realise that they are real windows to a lush vegetation, to dream forests and to unique beaches, you will understand why La Gomera is such an original destination. 

4. Mirador del Almendralillo.
From this viewpoint, you will be able to see the hillsides and the best views of Vallehermoso, straight ahead, the Roque Cano (Cano Rock) will be watching you inquisitive. Man and nature converge here, which makes this viewpoint so different to toe rest of viewpoints since nature is not the only protagonist.

5. Alto de Garajonay
is another viewpoint you cannot miss at La Gomera.
It is the highest point on the island (1497m) and as its name suggests, it is at the Garajonay National Park. You can access through the Pajarito parking lot or from Contadero, in both cases you can walk a small route if you wish so. If you enjoy endless panoramic views, this one will definitely be your favourite. 

6. Mirador de los Roques.
The Natural Monument of Los Roques has its own viewpoint, and it should not surprise anyone that its protagonists are the 12 million year-old volcanic solidifications. From here, you will enjoy the most spectacular views of the rocks: lava rock formations that never made it to the outside.  It is considered one of the best viewpoints on the island, so depending on the time of the year that you visit La Gomera, you will probably find more tourists here. 

We hope that our recommendations help you plan your trip and get to know our beautiful island and its landscapes. Most tourists visiting La Gomera repeat every year. Once you visit its magical viewpoints, you will find out why.  
Ready to discover La Gomera?