The Canary Islands are a land of good cuisine. The fruits and vegetables that grow in the fields give rise to delicious Canarian recipes, some of which are suitable for vegetarians.  

Canarian adobo.

This is the most widely used spice in traditional Canarian cuisine. It is the ideal condiment for adding the mild, spicy flavour that characterises the cuisine of our islands. The ingredients of the Canarian adobo are thyme, oregano, garlic, cumin, red pepper, cayenne and sweet paprika, mixed with olive oil and a dash of vinegar. The dishes in which it is used to marinate meat include rabbit or roast chicken.


This is another of the Canary Islands’ culinary specialities, especially from the island of La Gomera. It is made from other typical local products such as hard cheese and mojo picón. The result is a paste or a kind of cheese pâté with a spicy touch that is irresistible when served with bread or potatoes.

Potaje de berros de La Gomera

One of the most characteristic dishes of our island, and although the recipe varies from house to house, the basic ingredients are fresh watercress, potatoes and white beans, with or without meat, according to taste. Many people also add a few spoonfuls of gofio to the broth, which is called gofio escaldado or escaldón.

Gofio gomero

Along with the banana, this is one of the most famous foods of the Canary Islands. Gofio gomero is a flour made from toasted and ground cereals, especially wheat and corn. It is a very versatile ingredient in the kitchen that can be used in both sweet and savoury dishes.


Typical Canarian liqueur with a very sweet and peculiar flavour. It is typical of La Gomera and is made with the sap of the Canary palm tree. It has become an essential ingredient in the island’s cuisine, being used in the preparation of several desserts and as a drink or accompaniment to various Canarian dishes.

Papas arrugás con mojo picón

Another typical Canarian dish suitable for vegetarians is papas arrugadas (wrinkled potatoes) con mojo picón. It is the perfect starter at a traditional Canarian table. They owe their name to the fact that they are cooked with the potato skin left on and which remains wrinkled after cooking with plenty of salt. The perfect accompaniment is mojo picón, a spicy sauce made with peppers, garlic, paprika, cumin, fresh red chilli, water, salt, vinegar and oil.

If you are part of the “veggie team”, don’t hesitate to try all these Canarian dishes during your visit to La Gomera.

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