Sustainability is one of the areas that the tourism sector is also working on. Tourists are increasingly demanding eco destinations that are committed to caring for and preserving the environment, and Hotel Jardín Tecina is located in one of these destinations that offers sustainable tourism, La Gomera.

At Hotel Jardín Tecina we strive to offer our guests the very best service. This means meeting quality requirements and also focusing on the environmental point of view. Proof of this is that our hotel has recently added to its environmental recognition with its Biosphere certification, which is awarded for having met international sustainability requirements.

We implement many different environmentally-friendly measures in our hotel which show our commitment to protecting the planet. These include measures that affect our consumption of water, electricity and fuel, and waste management, amongst others. We carry out many different actions with this in mind, from using our own water supply and desalination process, to the fact that much of the energy we consume comes from solar panels and, ultimately, renewable energy such as solar power. As for waste management, recycling is another of our major commitments, including processing the plant waste from our gardens and golf course and using the compost to fertilise our Eco Finca Tecina.

Eco Finca Tecina

Our Eco Finca Tecina in particular is one of the best examples of our commitment to sustainability and the environment. For those of you who don’t know it, it is a 100% organic farm where everything is sustainable. Its agricultural design is based on patterns and characteristics of the natural ecosystem and it is home to animals, plants and ourselves, all coexisting in the most respectful way.

Another of our goals is to raise awareness of our surroundings and, to do this, we opt as far as possible for local products, thereby supporting sustainable development.

At Hotel Jardín Tecina, we offer you a sustainable holiday. Will you come and enjoy it?