Summer has not yet arrived but it is already showing us its full potential through an early heat wave. The embarrassment has been installed for a few days causing fatigue and dehydration.

So that you can continue enjoying your vacation or your daily life, despite the high temperatures, we will give you twelve ideas to protect your health and that of your family, avoiding dehydration, hot flashes or blows.

1-Take plenty of liquid without waiting to be thirsty. Drink at least 2 liters of water a day as the body also uses water to evacuate heat. You should drink frequently to keep you hydrated, even if you are not very thirsty and independent of the physical activity you do, since thirst is already a symptom of a small dehydration.

2- Make light meals that help to replace the salts lost by the sweat (salads, fruits, vegetables, juices ...). Avoid copious or very hot foods, fats, heavy, hard-to-digest proteins like cheeses (not whites) and lean cuts of meat. It increases the consumption of foods rich in potassium.

3-Uses light, loose, light-colored clothing, preferably natural fibers and tissues that allow perspiration.

4-Avoid alcoholic drinks, with caffeine, very sugary or very hot. We should not abuse these drinks because they can cause us to lose more body fluid.

5-Stay as long as possible in cool places, avoid agglomerations and refréscate whenever you need. To refresh and regulate your body temperature, you can wrap your head in a damp towel or place cold water on the inside of the arm joint.

6-Watch and extreme precautions regarding children, seniors, pregnant and sick (respiratory diseases, obesity, hypertension, diabetes and heart disease).

7-Try not to go out in the street between 12.00 to 17.00, not to sleep in the sun or to practice outdoor sports in the central hours of the day. (As long as the thermometer continues to skim or over 40 degrees).

8- Use sunscreen, hat and sunglasses. For children and infants we recommend using the protection factor 50, a quality product with a physical filter (without parabens). Keep in mind that the same sunscreen, not for the whole family, every skin type, every situation and every age requires a specific cream.

9- Never leave anyone in a parked and closed vehicle (especially children, the elderly or the chronically ill).

10- Keep your medicines in a cool place; Heat can alter its composition and effects.

11- Consult your doctor for symptoms that last longer than one hour and may be related to high temperatures.

12- Take care of your pets. Put plenty of fresh, clean water at your disposal. They should remain in large spaces (preferably shaded and outdoors). Provide meals at the beginning and end of the day. It is not advisable to exercise in the sun in the hottest hours or tied up or in vehicles in the sun.

We hope these tips will help you to make more bearable on hot days.