Golf lovers are always looking for new experiences. When you organize a game you must prepare everything with the utmost attention to detail. In addition, you have to check the weather conditions, the number of holes, the opinions of other players who have already played in the course and, of course, the environment. The Tecina Golf course has an unique appearance: you will play downhill. This means the golfer has magnificent views to the ocean in all holes,, something that few fields can match. The course has eighteen holes surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, which will make you fall in love with this sport and challenge you as a player.


There are several things that make a golf course great. According to experts, some of them are: the location, the weather and the design of the greens that allow you to enjoy the sport. The Tecina Golf is an unique course. It was designed by Donald Steel, one of the best architects of golf courses nowadays, and who used all his knowledge to create a fun, different, versatile, and suitable-for-any-type-of-player course.

Living an unique Experience Hole by Hole

The singularity of this field lies in its layout. Most golf courses have nine or eighteen holes forming two circles around the clubhouse. However, the first hole of the Tecina Golf is located at the top of a hill from which the entire course can be seen going downhill. The player can go down to the clubhouse and he/she will be able to see the ocean at all times.

Tecina Golf will be a challenge for all players since the very beginning. The slopes of the field and the variety of bunkers provide an experience without parallel. Playing here will improve your skills while enjoying extraordinary views.

In the 2nd hole, you will play downhill, almost directly, with the Atlantic Ocean as background; in the 4th, the abyss full of vegetation and the bright ocean behind will await for you; and when you raise your head to check the distances on the 7th hole, the powerful Teide will rise before you. Hole by hole, you will embark on a spectacular journey in which you will not think about finishing or winning, but just about enjoying the match.

The Key to the Tecina Golf Course

Each hole requires a lot of attention and precision from the player. We must take into account that each small slope can cause decisive deviations in the trajectory of the ball. On the 10th hole, for example, the green seems to be suspended in the air, hanging towards the ravine with an almost vertical cliff to the left. Although this image will fix La Gomera in your memory, it will also condition your blows. The same happens in the 15th hole, which has a very attractive ripple, or in the 7th, with its slight dog-leg to the right; a type of hole that requires a prior planning strategy. It is important not to neglect any factor at the time of aiming, since a good strike can mark the course of the match.


Due to its perfect location, this field has another extra advantage: there is no winter on the island of La Gomera; at least not as it is known. The lowest temperature during this season ranges between 18 and 20° C, and the annual precipitation is low. This is an ideal scenery for golf lovers or those who wish to enjoy the sport at any time of the year.

In addition to all these conditions, the Tecina Golf course is also part of the Jardín Tecina Hotel complex, where you can recover your body after the game, relaxing in one of the balinese beds at the Club Laurel or enjoying our newly outdoor Ahemon Spa.