Seawater and especially the Atlantic Ocean, surrounding La Gomera island, contains 89 elements present in our body, plus vitamins and microorganism that release antimicrobial and hormonal substances. Human skin has the ability to absorb all those substances and benefit from them.

In China, seawater is used in medical treatments for over 4000 years ago. The Fu-Shi Emperor, known as the father of marine medicine, recommended to drink water from the beach, eating algae and salts to recover and maintain health. French researcher René Quinton discovered that seawater components were the same as those in the body's cells and is very similar to blood plasma.

What are the benefits of sea water? Seawater thanks to its rich amount of components such as iodine, zinc, potassium, magnesium, trace elements, minerals, etc ... offers great benefits for the organism.


These are the 8 benefits it provides:

1- Antibiotic and antiseptic action of our skin, facilitating healing in case of small wounds. Zinc, iodine, potassium and trace elements present in the water make it a great "friend" to our skin and body in general

2- Improves psoriasis and other skin conditions.  Bathing in the sea improves skin problems such as psoriasis, acne and helps eliminate toxins.

3- Cleaning, highly recommended for people with sinusitis nasal and respiratory passages. For people with diseases or respiratory problems are usually recommended to breathe the sea breeze and take baths on the beach and salt water favors the lungs can eliminate all toxins or foreign elements. Go to the sea is an excellent cure in cases of productive cough, colds and other more severe ailments.

4- Detoxifies the body. If the seawater swimming swallow you benefit your large intestine, detoxify the body and improve the defenses.

5- Acts as a muscle relaxant, while our whole body massage. Floating in the sea or swim in the waves used to relax muscles by the iodine, which in turn promotes recovery from certain injuries. It is ideal for those who are doing or post-operative rehabilitation.

6- Helps mitigate typical of people with rheumatic pain, such as arthritis or osteoarthritis problems.

7- By containing magnesium, seawater helps to calm down and eliminate anxiety. That is why we spend a few days on a quiet beach away from urban centers is a therapy that is recommended for those suffering from nervous depression or stress, mild or severe disorders.

8- Treats insomnia, if so advised spend the day on the beach, take a walk along the shore or just stay off the waves for an hour breathing the breeze. All this contributes to fatigue in the person, improving sleep quality.

One tip: stay in the water for about 15 or 20 minutes for the skin to absorb the beneficial elements and then allowed to air dry.

In our pool of seawater Club Laurel or at nearby Playa de Santiago you can get all these benefits from the first day of your holiday in La Gomera.