If you're looking for an active holiday (adults only) in La Gomera, you're lucky!

At Hotel Jardín Tecina, besides taking care of all the necessary service and facilities, we also take care of your health and well being.

In addition to all the activities that you can choose from at our hotel, you can also discover all the beautiful corners of our island through hiking tours, sight the impressive marine wildlife hidden under the sea with a maritime excursion and for the most active ones, the hotel offers many sports activities that will keep you in shape, and healthy, but above all, you will have a good time.

Have you heard about Cardio Tennis?

In our hotel you can practice this activity that originated from the idea of some tennis organizations, which donated part of the benefit of the most important tournaments, to investigate new ways to expand tennis as a sporting activity. Thus, they created a discipline that combines the essence of this sport with a bit of fun. People can have fun and work out at the same time.

The Cardio Tennis is a fitness version of tennis that has become increasingly popular because you burn more calories playing only one hour than in a normal match.

Szilvi is the instructor of this popular sport, who tells us that cardio tennis is an effective way to exercise while playing tennis. The classes are always in small groups of maximum 8 people so we can take care of all the players and provide a personalized training.  


First, we start with warm-up routines in groups, doing different sets of exercises with elements such as chairs, steps and Pilates balls, combined with the forehand or backhand strokes. In the second part, we play a match, two players against two, or four players against four, varying the structure of the traditional game to keep the players active all the time.

We finish the class all together with a stretch session. There is music during the training, so you will be motivated and burning calories all the time. All in all, Cardio Tennis is a fun way to work out.

Do not worry if you have never played tennis before or if you do not have the technique to practice this sport.

Anyone can practice cardio tennis, regardless of age. In our Hotel Jardín Tecina both adults and children can practice it without any problem. All you need is to be prepared to have a good time while you exercise.

Get ready for the class you will love it !