Today we are going to talk about one of our wonderful exclusive treatments: "The ritual of the crescent moon, the sowing".
Jasmine is the star ingredient of this treatment. Its intense aroma is one of the most exquisite and seductive. The sweet essence of its white flowers, is very useful to lift the mind since it possesses antidepressant properties. It relaxes and reduces stress by helping to release contained emotions. It creates a unique sense of peace and well-being, soothing anxiety.
In countries like India, jasmine is commonly used to honor gods and the dead, making it an ideal flower for offerings because it symbolizes hope and spirituality. In the West, white jasmine is a symbol of affection, eternal love and sensuality, being an ideal flower to give to a loved one.

The essence of jasmine, accompanied by a cream will be applied to your feet following the techniques of pressure therapy, which consist of a continuous or pulsed pressure on a specific area, elevate the oxygenation of the body, improve blood circulation, stimulate the immune system and tonify the body.
The massage on the feet relieves tensions and returns relaxation and lost vitality as numerous nerve endings are concentrated on the sole of the foot.To revitalize the mind, improve concentration and awaken your creative energy, we will apply a cranial massage. This massage will free you from fatigue and prevent headaches.
Then wrap your head and feet in hot towels. Sources of moist heat such as towels, transmit the heat more quickly and effectively to the skin and surface tissues, than dry heat. This moist heat, increases blood flow and calms the mind.
At the same time, we will apply an exotic scrub of flower petals and salts, which will remove dead skin cells. These cells, also called keratinized cells, harden with age. The longer they are on the surface of the skin the more they harden and can make your skin look dry and flaky. The exfoliation with salts and flower petals will reveal the shiny skin that is hidden under the dead cells, your skin will rejuvenate and look more beautiful, healthy and toned.
The treatment concludes with a full face mask and massage, after which we will serve an infusion of Pai Mu Tan white tea (handmade white tea, low in protein and rich in antioxidants, which is produced in Fugian province, China) , Sencha green tea (Japanese green tea, rich in chlorophyll, minerals and calcium), jasmine flowers (relieve stress), rose petals (mild laxative, digestive), orange blossom (with sedative properties, combat insomnia), marigold Improves circulation, anti-inflammatory) rosehips (a true source of vitamin C) and blue flower. With this treatment, you will feel revitalized and full of energy.
Taking time to care for our body and mind is a recommended practice as part of our daily routine.
For this reason, in our Wellness Club Buganvilla Oasis Vital we offer you an extensive range of treatments to pamper you as you deserve.