The Canary Islands are recognized worldwide for their colourful carnival, with tradition, music, costumes, and parades. In La Gomera, the main celebration of this festivity takes place in the capital of the island, San Sebastian de la Gomera.

The carnival of La Gomera is peculiar, characteristic, and quite different from the rest of the islands because there are no crowds. However, you can feel the vibrant tradition in all the streets during these festivities.

Any time of the year is perfect to visit the Colombina Island, but no doubt, visiting La Gomera during Carnival is a unique experience that you cannot miss.

The “Carnival of talcum powder” gather people from all around the island. It is a singular, and a remarkable tradition for local people, where the streets of the capital become white, and the “sprinkle powder” welcome everyone who visits this historic corner in La Gomera.

This tradition has become increasingly popular and it reminds the old days where carnivals were “black and white”, an annual celebration in San Sebastian of La Gomera, which involved sprinkling talcum powder or flour to each other while they dreamed about different colours and places. Even though many decades have passed since its origin, this tradition is still alive capturing the attention of visitors who come to La Gomera to experience a different carnival.

Visiting La Gomera during Carnival is a privilege, as it will allow you to experience the joy and hospitality of all residents who will welcome you with open arms. They will delight to share with you these colourful and distinctive festivities.

Image from the official website of San Sebastián de La Gomera

And like all carnivals, this one also has its own queen, who is crowned during the festivity. But the entertainment does not finish there; in the carnival of La Gomera there are murgan performances, who express ironic and sarcastic phrases through their songs lyrics, a sense of humour very characteristic of them.

Besides the festivity in the capital, there is also a very special carnival in Valle Gran Rey, colourful and magic where local people dress-up according to the occasion to enjoy the festivities together. Every year the residents choose a theme, which determines the costumes they will wear during the festivities, and this year the theme chosen was short stories.

In the carnival of Valle Gran Rey, the contribution of the residents is remarkable, for example, the poster announcing the carnival is chosen through a contest in which all those who wish to participate, can do it, presenting their proposals up to February 1st. The posters submitted to the contest must be related to the main theme. This year 2019 the chosen theme is short stories.

Another municipality on the island with a very special carnival is Playa de Santiago, where all people get together in a multi-coloured and enjoyable celebration with music by the sea.

Think no more, and come to La Gomera in carnival. Regardless where on the island you are the entertainment is guaranteed. Also, in the municipalities of Hermigua, Agulo, and Vallehermoso, people with colourful and original costumes get together to celebrate the carnival and spend a good time by the rhythm of the music.

 If you want to experience the carnival in a different way, combining tradition and entertainment, La Gomera is the perfect place.

Come and visit us, we are waiting for you!