La Gomera becomes a romantic place during the night. The moonlight, the starry sky, the singing of the native birds, the mountain and the ocean views make this island a little paradise that no one can resist.

Hotel Jardín Tecina invites you to enjoy our CAVE FOR TWO during your stay on the island, a natural place that has been conditioned, where you can see the landscape of Gomera in all its splendour.

Sometimes, we just want to escape from the world that surrounds us and get lost in a remote and beautiful island without any kind of worries. Sometimes alone or with someone... so we enjoy the sound of the waves, the caress of the sea breeze, a quiet walk along the trails, contemplate the beautiful cliffs and take a rest on the black sand. That's why La Gomera is the perfect destination for a romantic getaway.

La Gomera is one of the smallest island that make up the Canary Islands, it is a cosy place to relax and also to do outdoor activities surrounded by nature with your loved one. Have you ever thought about getting on a boat, and sight dolphins? Here you can also experience the magic landscape that Los Órganos Natural Monument offer, a jewel of nature that resembles a church organ sculpted on rock. Do you dare to explore the laurel forests of the National Park Garajonay? Would you like to try the intense flavour of the passion fruit? There are a lot of activities in La Gomera for you to discover with your loved one.

Additionally, we guarantee a pleasant stay at Hotel Jardin Tecina where you will have a wide variety of services: from sunbeds, spa, swimming pools, to Thai massages. Everything is prepared so you can spend a fantastic time in a unique place. What happens when the sun goes down? You can stay in one of our unique rooms, or you can choose between lunch/dinner to have a romantic experience in our Cave for two.

This conditioned cave ensures a dreamy evening with magnificent natural views of La Gomera. A romantic getaway that has its origins in an ancient legend. According to the story, the cave was found in the early twentieth century, when the ancestors of the Olsen family came across the shores of La Gomera, on the southern part of the island. By then the cave was abrupt and almost unknown, and in there an old lady was living, she welcomed them, offered food and let them spend the night, accompanied by the sound of the waves and the starry sky.

All our guests are welcome to the cave to live this story that reaches our days. Besides having a suitable accommodation, you can enjoy privileged views of the sky, the ocean and the forests.  Additionally, in the cave you will taste the greatest delights of La Gomera. The wide variety of menus ranges from entrecote beef with Béarnaise sauce, shrimp or smoked salmon, to papaya salad with vegan cheese, quesadilla gomero with palm honey or seasonal sweet rice with vegetables. For dessert, nothing better than some delicious chocolate and banana truffles, ideal for this romantic experience, accompanying all your dishes with the typical Canary wines.

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