CrossFit is a new sports discipline that has extended throughout gyms. It came out as military training, but celebrities from all over the world have begun to follow this exercise routine, creating its recent popularity. There is no reason to be scared: CrossFit can be adapted to everyone and is recommended for all ages. Our instructor, Gabriel, tells us all about its benefits so you can understand why you will feel renewed at the end of the class.

CrossFit is a discipline based on high intensity exercises. It is about testing your ability to improve yourself, working in different points; for example: strength, resistance, or flexibility. You do not need to have experience to participate in a CrossFit class. Instructors welcome adults and young people as each individual will set the limits he/she wants to challenge.

In the Hotel Jardín Tecina we divided CrossFit classes in 4 parts: general and specific warm-ups, exercises to learn the technique, the Workout of the Day (WOD), which can last from 5 to 20 minutes, and to finish, a series of muscle stretching. Sessions are personalized and adapted so that all students can enjoy the benefits of this innovative sport.

Our instructor Gabriel, explains that intensity of exercises is gradually applied: the most important thing is to learn a good technique. Only when you get the perfect technique, you can start lifting more weight. That's why anyone can participate; even if you do not have any experience! CrossFit is a discipline that will strengthen your spirit by competing against yourself; and at the same time, sharing with others practicing in group classes.

CrossFit has many health benefits; it helps you to prevent some illnesses. Several students have already come to our instructor’s class with different injuries. Although he points out that he is not a physiotherapist, he tries to work out the area and to rehabilitate the muscles and students feel better. If a person comes with a problem in his/her lower back, it is very likely that strengthening his/her buttocks will help him/her to relieve the pain.

It is recommended to perform exercises properly. For instance, when the gluteus is not worked correctly, other muscles take the tension this muscle is not absorbing. There was a woman who attended Gabriel's classes and who felt pain when performing the squats. Gabriel noticed that she was not performing the exercise correctly and placed some small discs under her heels. She did not have any inconvenience after that. The woman asked what magical technique that was, and he replied that there was no magic; he simply executed the technique correctly.


CrossFit lessons have no magic, although it seems so. It is the perfect combination between our coach’s work and each student’s effort which provides great results. In short, it will help you improve your quality of life. Many people participate in these classes to alleviate physical conditions such as arthritis or neck problems; or get to know their "fascia tensa." In this way, CrossFit becomes an ideal activity for those who want to take care of themselves, as well as for those who seek a change in their lifestyle.


 Results are so positive that people share their experiences with their friends. Once, Gabriel was walking down the street and a person stopped him to ask him about the way to treat a muscle injury. He remembers it as a fun moment because the person who stopped him had never been in his class, so he did not understand how that person could know about him.

With the help of our instructor and your own training work, you will finish the class feeling really great. CrossFit is an activity that forces you to give 100% of yourself; of course, always depending on the level of intensity. Performing all exercises is a great challenge, so you will feel a great satisfaction when finishing all of them.

This is just an example among all sporting opportunities you can do on the island of La Gomera; where you can live new experiences while exercising your body and strengthening your mind!