As we saw in the previous post the papaya can be consumed in many ways, in the form of fresh fruit, in juices, shakes, as part of a salad. In addition it offers other less known but interesting properties very beneficial for your health:

  1. Antioxidant: A fermented papaya preparation, has regulatory effects on the immune system and antioxidant.
  2. Low calorie and excellent diuretic: papaya is usually included in the diet to lose weight since 100 grams of this fruit provide only 30 calories. Its high content of papain accelerates the intestinal transit and helps to achieve a correct assimilation of what is consumed. It is a fruit that contains plenty of water, about 90% so it becomes an excellent diuretic.
  3. Cicatrizante: papaya is very good to treat inflammations, corns, warts, grains and other skin diseases. In Central America, in locations where there are no hospitals or pharmacies, papaya leaves are often applied in the form of compresses on infected wounds to help clean and heal the skin.

Carica papaya 005 

Some tricks and how to make good use of papaya:

- If you are eating a meal is rich in fat, it takes ten minutes before an infusion of orange juice with pieces of pineapple and a slice of papaya.

- You can take advantage of the benefits of papaya seeds if you mash a few seeds and add them to the salads or vinaigrettes. You'll give them a mustard-like mustard flavor, so you should just avoid overdoing it. If you wrap the meat in papaya leaves, they will be more tender and digestible.

- It is a natural skin lightener: papaya is a common ingredient in skin whitening creams. Its lightening properties are due to papain, which helps to renew it and helps to remove stains and freckles, giving a more uniform tone to the skin.

How to make a papaya mask:

Before applying the mask, we must wash and tone the skin.

- Cut the papaya into pieces and then lick it until a puree is formed.

- Apply it at night, three times a week on the areas of skin that you want to bleach and leave it for 10 minutes.

- At the end do not forget to use your moisturizer.

In our Eco Finca Tecina we grow papaya without pesticides, pesticides or chemical fertilizers, one hundred percent natural and healthy. Do you fancy a bio papaya?