The Laguna Grande Restaurant is located in the heart of Garajonay. A unique environment where you can enjoy the most beautiful nature through its large windows while you taste the best cuisine of La Gomera. After a hiking trail, nothing feels better than stopping to take a break and eat traditional Canarian food.

Get across the ancestral jungle of Garajonay National Park, walk among the Canarian laurisilva forest and discover the subtropical forests that were present in large part of Europe millions of years ago. A walk where you will enjoy the oldest and most beautiful vegetation of the Canary Islands, as well as the springs and streams that you will find through your path. Beautiful routes that allow hikers to enjoy a green paradise full of ferns, mosses, and lichens, surrounded by a mist that covers the surface, giving an appearance of mystery and charm at the same time.

Walking through the Garajonay National Park is an activity that nobody who visits La Gomera can miss out. And once you have been delighted with the well-being and peace that the wild nature of La Gomera has to offer, relax and enjoy a good meal. And what better place to do it than in the La Laguna Grande Restaurant, located in the National Park, where you will taste typical Canarian cuisine without having to say goodbye to the wild paradise of Garajonay.

The famous Canarian gastronomy and more specifically the Gomera gastronomy is the specialty of this restaurant. Have you ticked visit Garajonay National Park off your list? You could also add to your list Top Places to Visit: typical food of La Gomera. Among laurisilva forest, delicious dishes, and surrounded by a unique landscape, you will also be immersed in the Canarian atmosphere. Traditional dishes like Canarian garbanzas, scallops and the famous stew of watercress are served in Laguna Grande Restaurant.

Some people have considered the garbanzas, as the best dish of the Canarian cuisine. A delicious stew that is made differently in the islands depending on each recipe. Some have pig's trotter, ribs, ham, lean pork ... the key is to have enough sauce to dip the bread in. Gofio, also served, is an old traditional recipe made with thick corn flour, wheat or toasted barley and is used to prepare both desserts and savoury dishes. Finally, whether you visit us with your partner or in a group, another option is to taste the delicious barbecue.

The almogrote has become a true gastronomic gem, its texture is similar to pate, wich is made in La Gomera. This is made with cured cheese, pepper, tomato, and oil. It is perfect to have with bread or potatoes, so it becomes a unique experience that every person who travels to the island has to try. Finish your meal with one of the famous gomero desserts, like the quesillo,  "polvito uruguayo", a typical cake from both the Canary Islands and Uruguay, or the yogurt cream with bacon, and to drink, what do you think of a typical wine of La Gomera?

In a fairytale landscape, take a well-deserved rest after a long walk and enjoy the typical Canarian cuisine. The grill of Laguna Grande restaurant is exquisite, and the environment in which it is surrounded by the typical flora and fauna of the island will delight all visitors. A mandatory stop if you go through the forests of Garajonay National Park, to recharge batteries and enjoy to the fullest.