Best conversations are often kept after a nice dinner and accompanied by a glass of good wine. You have to choose the conversation and the companionship, but we can help you to select the main character of the night: wine!

If the spectacular views, landscapes, tropical climate, relaxed atmosphere and cuisine that make up the island are not enough, in La Gomera we also have exquisite wines, full of earthy aromas. In fact, in 2014 some wines from La Gomera were among the best in the Canary Islands according to the Official Agrocanarias Contest that was held at the Hotel Jardín Tecina. The Montoro and The Garajonay were among the contenders of the award and you can enjoy both of them in our restaurants.

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How are the wines of La Gomera?

The wines of La Gomera have soul; they speak about landscapes, people, tradition, love for the land, agriculture, and sacrifice. They are young and fresh wines and their first rule is quality. They are very particular wines as well: they have high production costs due to the orography of the island. Harvesting is usually expensive as vines are normally found on steep slopes (which can reach 30%).

Vineyards coexist in harmony with other trees such as apple, pear, chestnuts which provide extraordinary aromas. One of the unique things is the aroma of the green apple trees. Another one is its acidity, which makes you want to eat something while tasting it: a white cheese, seafood, sweets...

Image courtesy of Drone Sphere.

Denomination of Origin of La Gomera

The regulatory council of the D.O. of La GOMERA wines was approved in 2003 and has 250 registered winemakers, 200 hectares of vineyards and 16 bottling wineries.

Within the D.O. are interesting wines to highlight. For example, you can taste the Montoro in its young white varieties or red. The white Montoro is the result of a varied combination of grapes: white Listán and Malvasía, muscatel and even a small addition of Pedro Ximénez. It is a clear, fresh, and sweet wine and it has a strong tropical aroma. The red Montoro has a composition of 90% of Listán Negro, a red grape variety very present in the Canary Islands that is also used to make the famous Sherry and other fortified wines. It has a light body and exudes an aroma of herbs.

Another wine that you can enjoy at the viewpoint “Mirador de Abrante” is Cumbres de Garajonay, its red and white varieties, fermented in barrels. Its white variety of Garajonay results from the Forastera Blanca, a white grape strain very common in La Gomera. It has a golden, straw-colored and crystalline hue, and its aroma contains memories of green apple trees. The red Garajonay is entirely made with Listán Negro, which provides it with its red, pure and clean color. It is light and pleasant at taste, and it is ideally accompanied by vegetable nuances.

The white variety, La Forastera, is a relic of La Gomera. It is a surviving strain: a plague of phylloxera ruined the vineyards of all Europe at the beginning of the XIX century but did not reach the Canary Islands and therefore La Forastera strain was not affected. It grows in a particular land, which gives a strong personality and an intense floral bouquet. The quality and the flavor of this grape have a special character that makes the white wines of La Gomera to stand out over red wines.

La Forastera Blanca is made from one of the booming wines of La Gomera: the Cinco Varas, which you will be able to enjoy at the viewpoint "Mirador de Abrante" very soon. The floral and tropical aromas with a subtle apple flavor create a perfect balance when drinking it.

Another remarkable wine you can find among all the varieties of the island is the Viña Cheo, which also contains part of Forastera de La Gomera and Listán Blanco. In glass the color is clean and bright and the aroma reminds of an early morning walk through the crops. It is fresh, fruity and extremely light.

Although the production of wines is not excessively large, it is also worth mentioning other wines from the island such as Rincon de Liria, Los Roquillos, Piedra gorda, Sereno-bodega alisios, Forastera blanca & listán negro - tamargada winery, Gánigo, Acebiñón, Faust, 3 Vertientes, Portillo de Mona, or the organic wines of Bodegas Tamargada, among others.

There are many different types of wine you can taste on the island, after having amazing adventures and incredible experiences: playing a game of golf on a cliff by the sea while enjoying the views from Mirador de Abrante or taking a walk through Alojera. A good glass of wine will enhance your experience,leaving you with a pleasant memory.