The '' expected '' Carnivals have already begun, and the parade celebrations are coming up soon. Although they are one of the main attractions of the Canarian archipelago, we are not always in a festive mood, and many people look for an alternative plan for those days. In La Gomera there is a great opportunity to disconnect, to live an adventure and to feel adrenaline. Here there are five reasons to visit to La Gomera on Carnival:

Route of the hidden winery. Learn about La Gomera from your senses. This route is a fascinating journey to the agricultural side of the island, a landscape adapted by humans to keep its natural expressions, and a life style based on full contact with nature. The route begins with spectacular panoramic views, right next to the Molino de Gofio Museum in Hermigua then continue to Montoro, where you will have the opportunity to visit the winery. After seeing these sceneries, it is time to enjoy the inside part: a tasting of different sensations from local agricultural products. The end of the route will take place in the Hermigua Beach, a different way of getting around the island through its history and economy, located in the old industrial area of El Pescante. Contact by clicking here.

- Whale and dolphin watching. A visual contact with some of the most spectacular animals on earth in their natural habitat. An unparallled and didactic experience, where you will be able to learn new things about the ocean and the fauna that live in it. This experience helps us to understand many things but more importantly the need to respect and protect the It is also important that this tour is carried out through a regulated and certified company that fulfills the rules of the Canarian Regulation. Contact by clicking here.

- Get around La Gomera by bike. One of the best ways to get around a place is by Using a mountain bike, you can reach spectacular places that are difficult to reach by car, not to mention the long journey to reach them on foot. Live the island as an adventurer, either renting a bicycle or doing a guided tour by bike. From the valley to the coast and from the top of the mountain to the dense forests.

If you prefer motorcycles, there will be no problem since rental companies, and guided bike tours also offer their services to tourists. For more comfort, you can also try E-bike, or in tandem, if you want to enjoy the journey with your partner.

If you do not want to get around by bike or motorcycle then discover the island on foot: grab your trekking boots, and walk through the island.  There are also tour companies providing their services to better get around the island. After returning from your trip, everyone will ask you about the island, so do not leave an unexplored corner! Contact by clicking here.

- Ride on a donkey. Yes, yes: on a The best way to understand the history of someone is by putting yourself in their shoes… well for a long the first inhabitants of La Gomera were donkeys. An efficient and fast transport, able to adapt to any surface, not to mention the essential support for agricultural tasks. Go ahead and get around on a donkey. Choose your favorite tour among three possible routes and help to preserve these nice animals. And, of course, with all the guarantees of animal protection by strictly following the guidelines of the “International Donkey Protection League” and the “World Humane Society” Contact by clicking here.

- Relax, submerge and disconnect. Enjoy Ahemon Spa at Hotel Jardín Tecina and relax your troubles away ... while your mind travels to Turkey. How? Enjoy a Mysterious Turkey massage, based on saffron, which has antioxidant properties, and is performed with a unique manual technique. You can also travel to Sri Lanka with the Exotic Ceylon massage: cinnamon and seashells that gently will cover your body. Do you prefer Hawaii? Well, a Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage is waiting for you, which uses arms and elbows to distribute essential oils enriched with vitamin E to all pores of your body.

 These are only five strokes, but in reality, the possibilities on the island are endless. You will see, in La Gomera, carnivals have lots of alternatives to choose from. Relax, practice your favorite sport, be in contact with nature, and taste exclusive local products. What is your plan?