If you have a passion for walking, La Gomera offers an amazing network of trails so you can take your "natural".

Hiking do not need any specific training, but if necessary before starting the route a little warm (rotation exercises ankles and knees, warming in the rest of the legs and in the back). It is also very important to finish the march with some stretches in which mainly work all the muscles of the lower body and back.

We must choose an appropriate route to our preparation and experience. For this it is necessary to collect enough information about the route: distance, whether it is a circular route or not (should not be necessary to consider the way back to the starting point), the cumulative altitude (both ascending and descending ), the approximate length, plane travel and degree of difficulty. All these data will be very useful when analyzing the route before rush it and check it according to our preparation.

If this is the first you're going to hike, choose a relatively easy route. Search short routes a reasonable distance depending on your skills. If almost never go to nature, we recommend a flat path or trail 3 km.

Those wishing to make longer and more complex routes (through streams, passing through rocky areas, walking trails with great altitude above sea level ...) must have a good physical condition. Ideally, start with simple hiking routes and go as increasing capacity, go hiking performing more demanding.

Within the training, it is also important to learn to walk and walk that certain trails is not easy. For example, when we are on a path with ascending slope, you can place the body upright and keep in mind that the burden is on the front leg, so it is important to support the entire sole of the foot to the twins do not make a overexertion. On the other hand, on the downhills, we must pay special attention to the knees, which should be slightly bent; also, look for the most horizontal possible locations to support the whole foot and do it at an appropriate speed to avoid the risk of falling.

To walk more safely you can use walking sticks. It is convenient to carry one or two, because, on one hand, help to better distribute the weight on both price rises and price drops and, therefore, avoid injury. And, on the other hand, when used, not just work the lower body during the walk, but also make efforts with the upper body, so you gain muscle and burn more calories. There are a range of prices in the shops.

Although walking is healthy, it is important that people suffering from a chronic illness or have recently undergone a cardiopulmonary accident consult with your specialist before putting your hiking boots.

La Gomera, an island with deep ravines, steep and rugged mountains, ancient forests, crisscrossed by a network of trails, you allow hiking adapted to your physical condition to get in touch with nature and a landscape of wild beauty.