Today we invite you to enjoy La Gomera in a different and refreshing way, sailing your way up a kayak.

It is a safe and fun activity, you do not need previous experience since the kayaks are easy to carry and you will always be accompanied by a qualified monitor who will instruct you in the conduction of the kayak. Of course, it is essential to know how to swim, for safety. You will have life jackets and waterproof bags to carry your belongings in a safe place.

Although today kayaking is a means of transport and leisure, even a sport, its origin is due to the way of life of the Arctic populations. The Eskimo peoples renamed "Inuit" peoples after the Circumpolar Conference of 1977, used this boat to fish and to hunt with harpoon. The Inuit currently live in the Arctic regions of Alaska, Canada, Greenland and Chukotka (Russia). Its singular is "inuk" and means person or human being.

Kayak sunset Lake Ahquabi State Park 

Did you know that Kayak is possibly the oldest craft in use today? It is estimated to be over 4,500 years old. The first paleoesquimales peoples crossed the Strait of Bering from Siberia to Alaska in boats of skin known like kayak or "gajak", being the ancestors of the present Inuit, the first to use it.

What does the word Kayak mean? Its exact origin is not known, for some experts the word kayak means "clothes to walk by water" because it was constructed according to the measurements of the hunter and others indicate that it means "man-boat". The Inuit claim that it is not necessary to get into it but put it on.

How were these boats in the past? They were perfectly adapted to the environment, climatic conditions and the needs of the user. Its cover was made of sealskin (the most impermeable that exists) or walrus on a frame of floating wood or bones of caribbú or whale. Each hunter made its own kayak by that it used to say that if an inuk went to Hunt and did not return, it was because he had used the kayak of another ..

Now that you know a little more about the kayaks, if you are in La Gomera you want to try kayaking, you can choose between guided routes and kayak-trail routes, of different duration 1, 2, 4 hours ... or all day, from Different points of the island as for example the Beach of Santiago, you will be able to travel alone or accompanied in individual kayak or two-seater. Two hours of travel can cost between 20 and 25 euros per person and generally half a ride you can enjoy a swim and snorkel in the crystal clear waters of La Gomera.

At the hotel Jardín Tecina, you can find out about the excursion that best suits your needs. You will know the south of the island as you have never seen it ... you will see the impressive cliffs from the sea and you will enjoy one of the most biodiverse marine areas of Europe.

We wish you a good and refreshing kayak cruise!