Moringa -also known as the "tree of life"- is considered one of the healthiest trees in the world. It is one of the most popular trees of mythological legends due its healing and nutritional properties, which are used in many recipes to prevent diseases and malnutrition. It is an original magical tree from the north of India that grows in Eco Finca Tecina, La Gomera.

The "tree of life" is a symbol in many mythological legends. Some traditions considered it a sacred plant that constitutes the axis of the world; an amulet that offers protection to those who bear it. The idea goes back to the Celtic culture, where the life of men was closely related to the life of forests.

The famous "tree of life" or "miraculous tree" is the moringa oleifera, an original medicinal tree from India that grows in the southern regions of Africa and Asia; and also, grows in the Eco Finca ofthe Hotel Jardín Tecina. Its branches, seeds, pods, leaves and flowers are a nutritious source of food, but they also have healing properties, for which itis used to prevent malnutrition and several diseases.

This is one of the healthiest trees in the world and itis able to grow in conditions of seasonal aridity, which makes it a fundamental resource for the livelihood of many populations; especially in countries where water is a scarce resource and the Moringa tree is used to purify water. Its seeds can reduce the microbial load of rivers; therefore, it is possible to purify water by grinding it seeds and adding the result to it, preventing diseases caused by drinking contaminated water.

The Moringa tree also has many other healing properties. Its leaves help to prevent diseases such as diabetes, cancer, and gastritis. It is also considered to be beneficial for people suffering from high blood pressure, and many people drink infusions made out of its leaves to enhance the proper functioning of their cardiovascular system.

Another property of this plant is that the Moringa tree has a high contentof vitamin C, calcium, iron and potassium that help our body to reduce possible ailments. Thanks to all its properties, it has been widely used in highly nutritional recipes around the world. Do you want to know how it is cooked?

Its leaves are used in stews and salads if they are fresh; and as a condiment in recipes with potatoes and vegetables if they are dry. They are also ground to make a healthy green juice. Their flavor is slightly spicy and they also add a good aroma to dishes.

The fruit of Moringa is similar to green beans, while its roots resemble to those of carrots. Oil can also be extracted from the Moringa seeds, which is used to season a great variety of dishes. Another of the most popular uses of Moringa is the preparation of infusions and teas made out of its leaves and sweetened with a little honey.

You have to go to an herbalist or special store to buy Moringa. You can buy dry or fresh leaves to prepare infusions or use them for spicing your food.

We have a tree of life life at Eco Finca Tecina and we believe in healthy and nutritious products. Here, you will be able to confirm how true these legends areas you will have the opotunity to taste this product in our dishes, as well. You will also discover many other trees that we have in our Eco Finca, an ecological and sustainable crop that combines the great diversity of ecosystems from The Canary Islands.